90's Kids Everywhere Are Snapping Their Fingers For ‘The Addams Family' Teaser

By Arslan Athar | 10 Apr, 2019

‘The Addams Family’ was an iconic cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network and was a favorite for children all over the world. The show followed a quirky, and sometimes spooky, family called the Addams Family. They lived their kooky lives out in a fairly normal world, but they were unfazed by it and lived their lives unabashedly true to themselves. The show was iconic for its character, but also for its ‘snappy’ opening song.

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Fast forward to 2019, which is clearly becoming the year of reboots and revamps of old classics. 

This year will see the release of remakes of classic films like ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Lion King’. It turns out that there is another film we all need to keep an out- ‘The Addams Family Film’. Yup, the classic cartoon has been made into a movie.

All the characters we know and love are there- from Morticia to the dismembered hand, ‘Thing’. The teaser for the film released in the early hours of the morning. *Snap Snap*

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Morticia and Gomez are just as spooky and in love as always. 

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She is definitely not as spooky and stoic as I remember her from the cartoon, but I’m still not mad at it.

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And of course, Pugsley!

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Lurch and Thing are also seen playing the piano in the teaser for the film. 

Source: MGM


‘The Addams Family’ was just SUCH a memorable show that making it into an animated movie seems like the best decision ever. There was a movie made previously, however, it has been a while since that came out, so a new one is TOTALLY justified.


90s kids world over are totally hyped 




A lot of people (including me) were left pleasantly surprised 


There was a lot of screaming happening, and all of it was for good reason. 


The film is set to release on Halloween 2019, which could not be a better time to have the film come out. I for one cannot wait to see one of my favorite cartoon families come up on the large screen.

Watch the entire teaser here:


*snap snap*

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90’s Kids Everywhere Are Pissed At The New “Aladdin” Teaser For Ruining Their Childhood

 Cover Photo Courtesy: MGM and Cartoon Network

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