90's Kids Everywhere Are Pissed At The New “Aladdin” Teaser For Ruining Their Childhood

By Arslan Athar | 11 Feb, 2019

Disney has been on a wave of re-making some of their classics, these include ‘The Lion King’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Aladdin’. Early this morning, Disney released a ‘special look’ for ‘Aladdin’ and well, NO ONE IS HAPPY.

The teaser opens on a rather gloomy setting with Jafar and Aladdin walking towards a cave. 

Source: Walt Disney


Of course, Aladdin was there too. I’ll let you decide if this is convincing or not.  

Source: Walt Disney


Then there’s a VERY Bollywood shot that comes in- looks like something out of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ or ‘Jodha Akbar’.

Source: Walt Disney


Princess Jasmine comes on screen in a full royal mood.

Also, WTF is this costume design. I’m sorry, this is bad.

Source: Walt Disney


Disney left the worst for last- Will Smith as the genie. 

Source: Walt Disney


If you think I’ve been mean, you haven’t read anything people have said online. 


The Genie is clearly a bust. 


A lot of people were questioning Disney’s decision to remake a classic like ‘Aladdin’.




I know how I feel; I feel uncomfortable.


90’s kids are NOT happy. 


There are just no two ways about it. 


‘Aladdin’ or ‘Avatar’? 


Feelings were hurt and harsh language was used. 


References were made to Will Smith’s hit show, ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. 


This teaser also brought up the conversation about casting and bringing on board Middle Eastern actors or talent from our part of the world.


All in all, it’s been a nightmare.


An old ‘controversy’ was also brought up. In the very first look for the film, the Genie was not blue, causing a lot of outrage.



Despite people’s shifting opinions of the Genie, it must be said that Disney’s decision to remake ‘Aladdin’ was a poor one. The movie has had issues from the very beginning, from the casting of actors to the release of this ‘special look’. A classic is a classic for a reason, it touched hearts like no other movie at that time, and it’s incredibly hard to recreate that magic. Despite all the hate, there were some people who liked the teaser.

The movie releases on the 24th of May 2019, so a final verdict must wait till then, but one thing is for sure- this ‘Aladdin’ will not be the same as the original that all us 90’s kids grew up on.

Watch the entire trailer here:


90’s Kids Everywhere Are Losing Their Minds Over The New Lion King Movie Teaser Trailer

90’s Kids Around The World Are Pissed Off At Power Puff Girls For Ruining Their Childhood

Cover Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney

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