Here's Which Iconic Pakistani Meme You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Ilsa | 10 Feb, 2019

Pakistan is an incredibly diverse country in terms of culture, religion and ethnicity- so it’s no surprise that our memes are just as unique as our population. However, amongst the sea of endless content, it is difficult to find which meme you can personally identify with. But don’t worry- we at MangoBaaz have decided to list some potential options based on your zodiac sign. Let’s get into it!

Aries: The TLP sword guy

As an Aries, you are known for having a quick and fiery temper, especially when you feel like things aren’t going your way. You have a tendency to strike first, and ask questions later. Always ready to fight for what you believe in, and easily led, you usually rush in headfirst when facing conflict –  though hopefully not with a sword, like this elderly man at a protest who was soon transformed into a viral meme by the people of the internet.

Source: @mirzalalbaig/Twitter

Taurus: Anday wala burger

A Taurus is the type of person who always wants everyone to have a good time, but they are also famously stubborn, just like the gentleman in this video. He continuously interrupts a news anchor in this now iconic interview with a bunch of wisecracks – the most famous being his passionate demands for an anday wala burger. Taureans are known for having a similar relentless spirit, and have the same tendency to make lame jokes at the worst possible moments.


Now, Waqar Zaka is easily one of the most controversial figures in Pakistan – much like most Geminis. While some people see Waqar as a visionary for his um…. “enlightening” Snapchat stories, others call for his social pages to be reported and deleted. Similarly, people love to hate on Geminis – who, just like Waqar, never let the haters get to them. However, both are also known for their double personalities, as visible in this video where Waqar loses his usual bravado and well… check it out for yourself.

Source: Sannan/Facebook


Cancerians are famous for being soft-hearted and romantic, and are constantly on the lookout for their soulmates- but they also tend to be shy and awkward when it comes to matters of love – so it’s no surprise that Mira Sethi’s heart-warming engagement announcement that almost broke the internet with the amount of memes it inspired has convinced me that if a Cancer was a viral meme – this is what they’d look like.

Leo: Friendship ended with Mudasir

Out of all the signs, Leos are the ones who find themselves in the spotlight most often, just like Pakistan’s most famous, internationally acclaimed meme that chronicles a tale of egotism, friendship, rivalry,and ultimately, forgiveness. Leos are best known for their dramay, and their big hearts, and we all know it must have taken a very Leo-esque level of generosity for Asif to eventually forgive Mudasir.

Via Facebook

Virgo: The big boys of Islamabad

A relatively recent, but rare meme that arose out of the beef between Bilal Khan and Shamoon Ismail, this meme is the most emblematic of the Virgo sign. Why you ask? Virgos are known for their intense commitment to their work, so much so that you could definitely expect them to drop a very pissed off message for anyone who tries to rip them off! Coincidentally, Shamoon also happens to be a Virgo.

Libra: Nasir Khanjan

Libras are often written off as attention-seeking, much like Nasir Khanjan. Anyone who truly knows them, however, realizes this isn’t all that there is to them. Libras love spreading positivity, and entertaining people, and people are naturally drawn to them, whether they like to admit it or not- just like the people who claim to hate Nasir, but still end up tagging everyone they know in his videos.

And yes, he counts as a meme.

Source: Facebook/Nasir Khanjan

Scorpio: Uncle Majboor

Controversial, bold and passionate – that’s the average Scorpio for you. But much like Uncle Majboor they tend to go… a little overboard. To put it bluntly, Uncle Majboor’s story is a rather explicit one, and not for the faint of heart. Not everyone has the strength to watch or hear the transcript of this raunchy phone-call, just as not everyone is brave enough to know how to deal with a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Sheikh Rasheed’s thug life

Sagittarians are natural leaders, and are constantly on the move. They love a challenge, and you know why? Because they know they’ll win. In similar fashion, Sheikh Rasheed gave zero fucks when he pulled off one of the wildest escapes in political history, almost like a really intense game of GTA. The result: a thousand memes – and a spot on this list.

Capricorn: Aunty Gormint

Capricorns aren’t ones to be overly concerned about diplomacy. Often described as the parent of the zodiac, much like Aunty, they don’t care if you think they’re being harsh – they will give you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. In this viral rant, Aunty slams the government for their inadequacy, without trying to sugarcoat anything. Typical Capricorn right there, my friends.

Aquarius: Excuse me, aap bhi?

Easily the most recognizable face in Pakistani meme culture, Waseem Hassan is known for his unique sense of style – and his ability to think outside of the box. I mean, have you ever seen his commercials? Aquarians are known for having the same sense of creativity, and usually set the trends that everyone follows- just like in this commercial, where Waseem manages to inspire a woman to try Kit Kat Talcum Powder – yes, that’s actually what it’s called.

Pisces: Mankind’s angel

Taher Shah’s debut single, “Eye to Eye” left its mark on us way back in 2013- or more accurately, scarred all of us for life, and that’s exactly the kind of energy Pisceans tend to bring into the world. Like Taher, they are hopeless romantics, and tend to shower their loved ones with excessive praise, just like in this music video where he describes his significant other to have : “sensational eyes, emotional eyes, colorful eyes, exciting eyes, fabulous eyes, spectrum eyes, human eyes”… A Pisces is never one to hold back!

Still not satisfied, or feeling that your sign has not been adequately represented via meme? Let us know which meme you relate to the most in the comments!


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