8 Sights You Will See During Bakra Eid in Pakistan

By Zukhruf Mehboob | 25 Sep, 2015

Eid ul Azha, or Bakra Eid as some might call it, is a very meaty affair in Pakistan. An immense amount of attention is given to the goats and cows who on Eid day steal the dressed ladies’ thunder away with their own fancy jhaanjhars, fancy accessories and the colorful jackets.

In Pakistan, youngsters complain about it being a kick start to three days of boredom, but in my opinion this Eid is much more ‘happening’. With all the qurbanis and distribution of meat, there is a job assigned to every Ali and Fatima of the house. However, the activities are not restricted to the three days only. Infact, they begin a couple of weeks before and there are certain things that one will get to witness during this preparation period, for sure! If you haven’t seen any of the following things, then I have serious concerns for you as a red blooded Pakistani.

1. The center of everyone’s attention that is the Bakra Mandi

Many cities and towns, if not all, will have areas where the ‘bakras’ will be on display for the interested parties to become the owner of one or two (or more, if you fancy some show-off competition with your neighbors), only to slaughter them a week later. Many neighborhoods will have these mandis right outside the residential areas where the residents get to witness the goats sashaying road, causing a traffic jam or two.

Source: Express Tribune

A piece of advice: don’t lose your cool as these beautiful creatures block your way. You ain’t gonna’ see them after Eid anyway.


2. The insanity that is the shop of your master sahab

The tailor shops, a week before Eid, are a sight to watch. The master sahab will be nowhere to be seen in the whole picture because a flood of aunties break through the doors of the poor soul’s shop and cause a tremendous amount of damage to the tailor’s shop, and brain. ‘Master sahib yeh button doosray laganay thay
Meray aur chaar beitiyon kay kapray abi tak nahi banay’.
The guys’ tailors aren’t in a state of bliss either, but there isn’t as much of a drama if things aren’t perfect. Right?

Source: The Malay Mail Online

A piece of advice: Don’t I repeat don’t plan to go on this adventure in your entire life. You don’t want shortage of oxygen to take away your precious life.


3. The choas at salons and barber shops

These people know exactly how to cash on people’s demands of looking drop dead gorgeous on Eid. After all there is a Mahira Khan or Ayesha Omar hidden in every lady which can only be revealed once the beauty salon charges a handsome amount for washing hair with those out of the world shampoos and giving a gold facial (yes gold facials are a real thing, if you didn’t know it already). The guys aren’t any better either, visit one of their salons or barber shops and you’ll see just as much eyebrow plucking, facials and hair styling happening.

Source: Business Recorder

Piece of advice (for the girls getting mehndi at their salon): The color of the mehndi is a worrisome affair because a lighter color is a clear sign that the girl should watch out for her ‘saas’ as she won’t shower the girl with all her love. So make sure to get the most dark one 😉


4. The annoyance that are the lazy larkay

Whether you are an early riser or not, the guys have to wake up early in the morning on Eid day, wear your new Junaid Jamshed shalwar kameez and head to the nearest mosque to offer your Eid prayers. Majority of the men follow this ritual, while some just laze around because getting ready at such an early hour is so not meant for these ‘ammi kay shahzaday.’

Source: Meme Center


5. The fashion ki dukaan that are the dressed up ladies

Whether it’s ‘Choti Eid’ or ‘Bari Eid’ ladies can’t do without dressing to the nines. You will get to see a lot of bling, traditional jewelry, colorful bangles and a wide variety of shoes. Eid is a good time to spot the latest trends and copy them for your wardrobe.

Source: Look Pak

A piece of advice for those who haven’t kept up with trends: your ears will have to welcoming enough to bear with the gazillion taunts from your aunties and khalas and phuphos.


6. The breath of fresh air that is the excitement on the kids’ faces

Kids will always wait eagerly for their dads to return home after the prayers because they want their ‘Eidi.’ And no one should argue with these adorable ones about how Eidi is not a part of this Eid because you won’t be able to deal with those teary eyes. So, it’s better to give them a blue piece of paper.

Source: The Guardian


7. The butt of jokes that are the mutton intolerants

We all have friends who are disgusted by mutton. Never in their lives have they touched mutton or beef, let alone eating it. So, the whole idea of being surrounded with nothing but mutton and beef for three days gives them goosebumps. But that doesn’t mean they won’t get to satisfy their appetite. What are chickens for? ‘Ami meray liyay chicken ka pulao ban dena.

Source: Kool Recipes


8. The face-stuffing fest that are the barbecue parties

Yes, the freezers overflowing with packets of mutton and beef call for a barbecue. All the phupis, chahcha, mamoos and khalas along with their families gather at the host’s house or farmhouse. The boys get busy grilling the seekh kababs and tikkas while the ladies sit by the side discussing the smart designers who fooled them into buying such expensive clothes because hadn’t it been for them, the ladies wouldn’t have looked so chic.

Source: Spice Village


Let us know what other things happen at your household during Bakra Eid. Hope you’re all having the meatiest Eid. Loads of Mubarakbaad from MangoBaaz!

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