15 Personalities You Are Sure to Meet in Every College of Pakistan

15 Personalities You Are Sure to Meet in Every College of Pakistan

15 Personalities You Are Sure to Meet in Every College of Pakistan

College is a time to find what your aims are in life. What your interests are and even find your friends for life. However, more than friends you may run into some crazy characters that you’d rather not associate yourself with. But it is these very people who make your time in college worth remembering.


1. The Stalkers

You can hear them whispering about you, to their friends, as you enter a room. You can feel their looks following you across the whole college. And the cyber stalking… ugggh. Especially when you get that fraandship request.

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2. The ” theeta”

These people will only be found in the university library. The only ones prepared even before things are taught in class, ready to CP.

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3. The Attention Seeker

These are the people that go through extreme lengths to get noticed. Crying suddenly during an exam? They’ll do it. Faint during an event? Yup, they’ll do that too. Anything for attention.

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4. The charassi crowd

These guys, you will always see them walking around a bit too casually, hanging out without a concern for the world. Rolling is their favorite activity. Particularly rolling some “j”.

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5. The popular kids

These are the ones who walk around campus as if they OWN the place. And they’ll have their chotay tagging along wherever they go.

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6. The body building bro

You’ll find this bro always in his gym outfit, carrying weights, showing off how RIPPED he is getting!

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7. The “chaapa” master

Whatever the case, no matter how extreme the controls are, these guys are just so good at cheating and gaming the system that they’ll get away with it every time. What’s more interesting is that they sometimes end up getting better grades than the people they copied off of.

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8. The Yaar seekers

Yaar pen hai? Yaar rough paper hai? Yaar tyari kari hai? Yaar bhai ki madad karde!

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9. The early bird

These people are up, bright and early. They are cheerfully loud in the mornings when you are merely dragging yourself by pumping caffeine through your veins to stay awake. Imagine the high grades they would be getting if they were awarded for coming this early lol :p

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10. The lost souls

These are people who have no damn idea why they are in a certain class, why they took up a certain subject, or why they’re in school, even.

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11. The late comers

No matter what time of day it is or whatever subject, you will see them running around on campus, late for class. You should see how they find ways to sneak up in class.

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12. The music freaks

Wherever they are – classroom, gym, cafeteria or bathroom – their headphones are glued to their ears and the outside world doesn’t exist.

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13. The sleepers

8 am class: sleeping
10 am class: sleeping
2 pm class : sleeping
6 pm class : still sleeping

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14. The party animals

These type of people rarely show up to a class before noon. If it’s after 12 am in the evening, you’ll see the complete opposite side of theirs, all dressed up to PAAARTYYY!!

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15. The lovebirds

Always together like they’re attached with glue. They’ll be seen walking away into the corners of the campus away from the people to spend some “alone time”.

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