15 Of The Most Hilarious Memes About Maria B And Her Husband After Their Coronavirus Incident

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Mar, 2020

Maria B kee coronavirus kahaani has become a savage joke

Famous (now infamous) Pakistani designer Maria B has been in a lot of hot waters lately because of the scandal surrounding her husband. The story goes that, Maria B’s cook allegedly had been tested positive for Covid-19. Apparently, instead of alerting the authorities about it, she and her husband allegedly told the cook to leave their house and go back to his village who then went to his hometown by public transport.

When authorities were alerted about the situation they showed up at Maria B’s doorstep to arrest her husband. And once this happened, Maria B decided to make a video appeal of her near tears asking for justice. According to her, the treatment she and her husband had received from the Punjab Police who came to arrest them was allegedly atrocious.

The video was… not appreciated on social media. No one really sympathized with Maria. So the couple made ANOTHER video together detailing their experience after her husband was released from jail. Maybe hoping that they would gain peoples’ sympathy this time?



After the debacle around the elitism that was reeking from the videos made by Maria B and her husband about their experience with getting arrested over coronvairus Pakistanis turned them into a meme

Someone took one scene from Maria B’s video and asked people to turn it into a meme. Well, meme ho aur Pakistanis apni creativity na dikhaein, aisa ho nahi sakta.


Pakistanis have been savagely trolling the celebrity couple with jokes about anything and everything. Enjoy some of the best ones that we’ve handpicked just for you:













7. Some people got a little too creative with their imagination and photoshop skills


8. Others cropped one or the other of the couple out but still ended up with some of the most savage jokes




10. Even these police officers also hilariously joined in on the trolling


11. She was even turned into a painting

This is a spin on the popular Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.




13. Some people couldn’t’ help but be inspired by the lavish chandelier that they saw in the designer’s first video




15. And the person who asked to turn all of these into a hilarious meme? Well…

The last time I saw Pakistanis so united about something on Twitter was probably when Pakistan played a cricket match against India. Honestly, the memes are still rolling and this will probably live for a long time. It’s clear that Pakistanis are finding pretty creative ways to keep themselves entertained in these trying times.

But in all seriousness, if you or someone you know might have the symptoms of Covid-19, please perform your duties as a responsible citizen and inform the proper authorities.

Stay safe and keep making memes!


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Cover Image Source: Maria B. Official via Facebook.com/@komzholmes via Twitter.com

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