Designer Maria B Just Shared How Her Husband Was Arrested At Midnight Because Of Coronavirus

By Sana Yasmeen | 24 Mar, 2020

Maria B opened up about her the arrest of her husband

Coronavirus or Covid 19 has caused a massive stir within our society. However, deadlier than the virus is the irresponsible behavior and negligence that can still be seen prevailing within the general public.


Last night the husband of renowned fashion designer Maria B got arrested by the police because of how he alleged recklessness regarding Coronavirus

Tahir Saeed, the husband of designer Maria B, got arrested for allegedly sending his Covid-19 positive cook to his village instead of contacting the concerned authorities and getting him admitted to a hospital. According to reports, the cook was sent back via the means of a public bus. His action has thus lead to the possibility of an increased risk of transmission of the virus among the people who have come in contact with the affected individual during this time.


Police have filed an FIR against Tahir Saeed for his negligence and recklessness that could prove to be fatal

Tahir Saeed upon getting positive test results of Coronavirus for his cook, Umer Farooq, sent him to his village Karam Pur, all the while by putting many people under the potential danger of getting Covid-19.


Not so late after the arrest, Maria B shared her appeal to the Prime Minister regarding the arrest of her husband

Maria B appealed to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan that her house was raided by armed police officials who she stated to be the biggest ‘Drug Mafia Lords’ in the middle of the night. She stated how the policemen arrested her husband and did not allow the presence of any legal counsel and rudely imposed how ‘Maria B’ and family were culprits.


People immediately took to Twitter to express their anger over the recklessness of Tahir Saeed and Maria B

These are desperate times that desperately need people to take the Coronavirus seriously and to fight against it by taking proper precautions and actions in case of its transmission or positive results. Stay safe and stay inside!


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