How To Absolutely Nail Your Long Distance Relationship

By Aam Nawab | 24 Mar, 2020

How’s your long distance relationship going?

You’ve found your soulmate? Lucky you. No, seriously. Not everybody is able to find someone they connect with so well. But trouble in paradise is just so inevitable. And things get even harder when you’re in a long distance relationship. You’re going to bed when you get his “good morning” message. You want to tell him how your day went but it’s the middle of the night for him and he’s, well, not ready for your whining. Haye. Bohot mushkil hai.

With our current situation, here are some ways to pursue a long distance relationship and absolutely nail it:


Rule number one of a long distance relationship: have more “Facetime”

Facetime/Skype are a boon for long distance couples. It’s the next best thing to having the person in real-time. 

Source: Fallon Tonight

So, make the best of the situation: Don’t let a single week pass by without a video chat. It’s not only imperative because you need to feel like a regular couple but because YOU MISS THEIR CUTE FACE. The facial expressions, tone, gestures can turn a seemingly serious conversation into a light-hearted one and clear out a lot of misunderstandings as well.


Don’t let Whatsapp/texting be the boss of you

Always go for a video-call or at least a phone call to discuss issues that involve more than “mwah” and “ily”.

Source: From Pavement to Petals

Texting during an important conversation can dramatize a non-issue and escalate shit to a level you didn’t expect. Different types of people use different types of words to express themselves and they don’t necessarily align.


Avoid too many slangs while texting

Sometimes, the quality of your messages far surpasses the quantity and at times, their integrity. Stop trying to sound like they’re taking up too much of your time and be more genuine with compliments and confessions.

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To keep a long distance relationship flame burning plan (virtual) candle light dinners 

So what if you can’t physically go out on a dinner date with your significant other? Turn on video chat, set up a table with munchies, talk about little nothings and Bon Appétit!

Source: ARY Films


Grand romantic gestures to make things exciting can work wonders for a long distance relationship

Call us crazy but if done the right way, long distance only strengthens your relationship. Small things that keep the spark alive can go a long way. Or GRAND ROMANTIC GESTURES. 

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Write love letters because what else makes a long distance relationship more dramatic and old school?

This is an old school classic. The reason why love letters can never go out of fashion is because they add a personal touch in the age of emails and Whatsapp. 

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Although the internet is flooding with websites that promise to deliver e-love letters, but something hand-written is far more romantic. A love letter is made to be hand-written on paper with ink and sprayed with your favorite perfume. Period.


Go online-shopping together!

We all want our man to spoil us rotten at our favorite mall and hold shopping bags for us, but in the meantime, why “GO” shopping when you can shop online with him?!

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It can be a lot of fun and is pretty feasible. All you need is a reliable online shopping website (Amazon, Aliexpress,, his credit card and you’re set! You can even browse stores and pick out that perfect suit jacket he needs an upgrade on.


Netflix and chill together online in your long distance relationship

Download torrents or share a Netflix account (but preferably Netflix because woh legal hai yaar), invest in at least a dozen packs of microwave-popcorn and watch something together, preferably more than once a week. You’ll see how comforting it is to laugh together in your earphones’ mouthpiece and enjoying the funny and the sad just like you would sitting on the couch next to each other.

Source: Our Boring Adventure


Introduce your significant other to your friends online

Shared friends make for a very comfortable and smooth sailing relationship. Tackle with the insecurities of a long-distance head-on by being proactive.

source: ARY Films


Tell them, “hey! you have nothing to feel insecure about because you’re just as much a part of my life as my friends, if not more.” This is especially important for friends of the opposite gender but if you build up on trust, you don’t need to worry about getting into too many fights over “Saad ne hee ghar kyun drop kiya tha? Koi aur nai mila tha?


Keep each other’s schedules in mind

Don’t let timezones get the best of you and use them in your favor. If you are quite a few hours behind or ahead of each other, the good part is that both of you can never be busy with work/classes at the same time.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr

Fix a time daily for your conversation with each other. Even if you’re on your way to work/college, during lunch breaks or right before going to sleep. Set quality time and design the rest of your day’s activities keeping that in mind. Prioritize. Also, leaving little voice notes on whatsapp when you get the time just to make his day wouldn’t be that bad, would it?


Send each other just-because presents because that works wonders for a long distance relationship

Gifts are welcome no matter what but telling them that you’re thinking of them even when they’re not physically present becomes all the more important in a long-distance set-up. Small, unexpected gifts are a token of love, they show how often you’re on each others’ minds.

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Since you’re in a long distance relationship, learn to say ‘I love you’ more often

As a thumb rule for all couples, being expressive with words is key. But even more so, long distance commitments teach us the value of simple, unsaid things which we often tend to take for granted otherwise.

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Say the three words more often, whenever you feel smitten because there are some moments that make you fall in love with your partner all over again and keeping all the butterflies in is kind of pointless.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Are there any tips you’d like to share with us? Drop them in the comments section below.


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