Here's How Pakistanis Sang The National Anthem To Celebrate Pakistan Day Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

By Maryam Khalid | 24 Mar, 2020

Did you join fellow Pakistanis and sing the national anthem from your home yesterday?

With the massive coronavirus outbreak, the entire world has been quarantined in their homes until the situation gets better. Since then, every one of us is trying to figure out the ”lost” meaning of life. Everyone is bored out of their minds and the morales are really low. Who knew social distancing could be this hard?

While trying to cope with the lockdown, Italians tried singing and it got so viral that it practically became a meme, with people all around the creating their own versions

The Italians got real creative and sang whole-heartedly from their balconies to boost up the spirits in coronavirus-stricken time. Celebrities believing the edited versions. LOL!


Indians also clapped and banged pots on their balconies as a 5-minute ovation for the doctors and staff working to fight coronavirus after Modi announced a “Janta Curfew” on Sunday, March 22.


So, Pakistan also decided to have its own version and urged Pakistanis to come at rooftops to chant the national anthem on Pakistan Day


Pakistanis patriotically answered the national call and sang their hearts out


These people residing in Creek Vista, Karachi had our hearts by blasting Jazba Junoon

Is this how we’re gonna party in 2020?


Some celebrities also joined fellow Pakistanis in singing the national anthem, with Sarwat Gillani and her adorable family being the forerunners

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Pakistan Resolution Day Mubarak!

A post shared by Sarwat Gilani Mirza (@sarwatg) on


Junaid Khan also posted the video of him and his son singing the national anthem

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#23rdmarch #resolutionday #paksarzameen

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Actor Hasan Ahmed also joined fellow Pakistanis in singing the national anthem with his family

Although the epidemic situation is really grim, activities like these are totally refreshing. They help to lighten up the building stress and connect with the community, all while maintaining a safe distance. Also, this has been the first Pakistan Day without any national parade or ceremonies after so long. So, this wasn’t a bad idea to break from the monotonous quarantine.

So did you head over to your rooftop? Or did you witness anyone singing the anthem? Let us know right away.



Cover image via @rsbreeezy via Twitter / @sarwatg via Instagram

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