Jeremy McLellan Just Trolled BOL News For Thinking Italians Were Singing Pakistani National Anthem

By Sana Yasmeen | 18 Mar, 2020

Jeremy McLellan just trolled Bol News for taking his joke too seriously

Pakistan’s absolute favorite, American comedian Jeremy McLellan is always brightening up our days with his sharp wit, remarkable humor and his love for Pakistan. However, there exists a slight trouble with the way jokes can be perceived…some people might take them too seriously.

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Recently, Jeremy McLellan shared a joke video of Italians singing Pakistani National Anthem

Jeremy McLellan’s video of people quarantined in Italy singing the ‘Pakistani National Anthem’ immediately caught notice! After all it has since become a meme, of late. More on that below.


It wasn’t only some Pakistanis who took the joke by Jeremy McLellan too seriously, one Bol News also apparently thought it was real

Soon after McLellan’s post, The news of our National Anthem being sung in Italy started to catch fire.


Distressed at the outcome of his ‘joke’, Jeremy McLellan trolled Bol News but also wondered about the after-effects of his words

Jeremy posted the respective news article on his social media with a question, “What Have I Done?”


Of course, taking this as an opportunity for one-upmanship Indian media also “fact-checked” the Jeremy McLellan joke to counter Bol News accidentally thinking it was real


This joke by Jeremy McLellan isn’t new, it has become a meme for people to troll famous singers by making them think Italians are singing their songs

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes fell victim to the edited video of the people in quarantine singing their respective songs and actually believed it.


Both of these celebrities reposted the ‘edited’ versions of the videos on their social media with an expression of how they felt.

Source: @shawnmendes/Instagram


Just for clarity (and in case you want to make your own edits) here’s the original video which sparked the beginning of so many edits and harmless jokes

The original video features Italians from the same neighborhood who upon being quarantined, joined each other in their balconies and sang their hearts out.


Although the situation regarding the whole Coronavirus outbreak requires extreme seriousness and caution, people are finding ways to ease everybody’s nerves because we all have to find ways to cope with distressing times, after all.

What do you think about the whole ‘misunderstanding’ that arose from a harmless joke? Got something to say? Sound off in the comments below.


Jeremy McLellan FINALLY Settled The Most Important Debate For Pakistanis And We’re All Thankful


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