31 Ways To Say “I Love You” To Your Bae Without Actually Saying “I Love You”

By Haadia Paracha | 3 Apr, 2017

Saying the three magic words is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. While some throw “I love yous” around recklessly and others wear their hearts on their sleeves, these words are testament to a healthy relationship. However, just saying them count for nothing when you don’t live up to the expectations.

Here are a few ways to remind your significant other about your feelings without having to actually say the words:


1. A simple good morning text can turn anyone’s day around.


2. Kissing them goodbye when leaving for work.

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3. Keeping the bed warm for them to snuggle next to you.

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4. Sending flowers to work when they least expect it just to remind them about a little thing called, “love”

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5. Stocking up for their favorite snack for late night cravings.

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6. Rubbing their feet after a long day.

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7. Staying up until they fall asleep after a bad night of sleep terrors/nightmares.

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8. Bringing them breakfast in bed every once in a while.


9. Making them chaaye or coffee when they’re busy pulling an all-nighter for a presentation the very next day.

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10. Remembering things important to the other person just so they don’t have to run around at the last minute.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr


11. Setting up all nice and pretty on the balcony, roof or the garden or the lounge and treating them to a nice, home-cooked meal.

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12. Keeping track of all the medications and mollycoddling them just enough.

Source: Pixar Animation Studios


13. Cleaning the hair out of the shower drain so they don’t have to gag.

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14. Bringing back little gifts from a business trip, even if it was only to Murree.

Source: Samina Gulzar


15. Putting the toilet seat down. Or up. Either way.

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16. Just listening to the other person when they need to vent about something that seems trivial but it doesn’t even matter.

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17. Warming up the hot water bottle when she’s on her period.

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios


18. Getting your man’s car serviced so he can sleep in on the Sunday.

Source: Deenga


19. Finding old photos of yourself looking silly and making them laugh at your own expense.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr


20. Charging their phones when they fall asleep so they don’t have to worry about it the next day.

Source: Deenga


21. Ironing their outfit for tomorrow so you both can cuddle for an extra ten-fifteen minutes.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr


22. Letting the geyser run just a little ’cause you know they only shower with warm water.

Source: Murphy/Fox


23. Bringing home takeouts and picking a movie so the evening’s sorted.

Source: Pinterest


24. Enjoying comfortable silences without worrying about what’s bothering them.

Source: thought catalogue


25. Not going to the new place that opened up even if you had a chance just so you can explore new things together.

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26. Signing up for a yoga class together even if you hate exercise.

Source: Chernin/Fox Studio/the Fox Network


27. Making spontaneous vacation plans.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr


28. If you’re going the distance, randomly showing up at their door with the BEST SURPRISE EVER.

Source: IRK Films


29. Becoming his ultimate buddy and playing FIFA together.

Source: Favim


30. Texting her back during the Premier League Matches.

Source: allthingspakcelebs Via: Tumblr


31. But then again, there’s nothing quite like a well-timed, old fashioned “I LOVE YOU”.

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Cover image via: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films

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