Designer Maria B Just Thanked The Authorities After Her Husband Was Released But People Are Pissed At Them

By Noor | 25 Mar, 2020

Maria B and her husband gave a statement after he was released from jail

Recently designer Maria B and her husband got involved in a controversy over their alleged recklessness in regards to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. Amidst all the discussions regarding the family’s alleged negligence and criminal behavior, the designer has expressed her thoughts and has tried to make a final attempt to vindicate herself from the blame.


Maria B and her husband shared a statement after he was released from jail  by thanking the Prime Minister and army officials who they claimed helped them in his release

In a post that has now been deleted from her brand’s official social media accounts, Maria stated how she has lost faith in the entire police department after whatever she and her husband went through because of them. Her husband went on to assert that the behavior by the police can be termed as ‘harassment’ and ‘abuse’ of the powers by relevant authorities.

Source: @mariabofficial/Instagram

While narrating the recent incident, Tahir Saeed claimed that the Police tried to break the doors of his house at midnight. He mentioned that he tried to cooperate with the police officers and kept on giving the answers to the questions asked. He said that he had shown zero resistance to the officials and yet he was treated ‘this’ way. Tahir Saeed claimed that he wasn’t even told the reason for being arrested.


Maria B said she was wrongly labeled as a criminal and she and her husband were subjected to the terrible treatment at the hands of the Punjab Police

The couple stated that they are not the ‘privileged beings’ and they are not questioning/complaining that why they had to undergo this kind of behavior by the Police. They stated that they just want to highlight that the actions of the mentioned department had created an atmosphere of sheer panic which is contradictory to the instructions by the PM.

Source: @mariabofficial / Instagram


While talking about their Corona-positive cook, Maria explained that they paid for the cook’s test and made sure that he was getting the required environment in their home

She mentioned that the cook got the virus in public transport while he was returning from his hometown after his holidays. Maria said that they got the test done for him because the servant had a few symptoms of the virus. She said there were no government directives regarding the situation so when the servant requested a sick-leave, she agreed to it. The couple stated that they gave the servant some extra cash to ensure that he will not use public transport and they even guided him about the quarantine rules. Maria claimed that the Police has accused the couple of forcing the servant to leave their home. She also stated that the Police blamed her and her husband for ‘transferring’ the virus to their cook.


They tried to make a point by saying that the people might get scared of getting their tests done because of the irresponsible behavior shown by the Punjab Police. They stated that being infected by Covid-19 is not a crime worth arresting. They revealed that Tahir’s test reports regarding coronavirus have turned out to be negative. They shared a copy of the results too.


The couple revealed that the Police helped the media to hype up the case and provided them with the photos of Tahir behind the bars


They concluded the video by saying that the video will serve its purpose if it helps to stop the Police from behaving in this particular way and prevents them from spreading panic among the masses.


However, people still believe that the arrest made by the Punjab Police was legitimate because they had endangered the lives of many by sending their cook back to his village instead of to the relevant authorities


Many are calling out the double standards of the Pakistani system and the hypocrisy of institutions in dealing with the rich


Whether the behavior was reckless and what really happened is only known to the authorities but this incident definitely does lay open the massive privileged treatment enjoyed by those with the right “connections” in Pakistan. Here’s hoping this serves as a learning opportunity for everyone and for a more equal Pakistan where the law is same for everyone.

Stay safe and stay apart.


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Cover image via: @mariabofficial/Instagram

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