ARY Thought France Asked For “Mercy” From Coronavirus & Pakistanis All Became Language Experts

By Noor | 30 Mar, 2020

The hilarious mistake by ARY made these coronavirus times a little more entertaining

So, while there’s a constant encouragement by the authorities to broadcast ‘authentic’ news, it seems that Pakistani media channels are not learning their lessons. Well, a case of misreporting facts has been circulating on social media and it has turned many Pakistanis into linguistics experts.


ARY during its coverage of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, aired a piece of news regarding the Eiffel tower in France

It said that the monument in France is displaying the word ‘mercy’ on the tower. It was basically claimed by the channel that the country has done this to seek help and forgiveness from God. They ‘tried’ to amalgamate a religious concept with the display of the word. Just one thing, they were totally wrong about what word was actually displayed.



As soon as the news was put up by ARY during its coronavirus coverage, Pakistanis on social media were quick enough to point out the mistake

They mentioned that the spellings for ‘mercy’ which means forgiveness are different than the ones displayed on the Eiffel Tower which is spelt as ‘merci.’ The word ‘merci’ is a french word which means ‘thank you’.


They tried to explain that the word written on the Eiffel Tower is a french word and ARY and its coronavirus coverage had made a mistake

Looks like the folks at ARY not only mistook the language but also didn’t even know the spelling of the word they thought it was.


There were some who tried to convince others that ‘merci’ and ‘mercy’ both have the similar meanings 

They basically said that ‘merci’ is how the word ‘mercy’ is spelt in French.


Others were quick to point out that it wasn’t true and ARY, during its coronavirus coverage, had made a mistake


Some people joked that quarantine was deeply impacting Pakistani media, just like it was affecting everyone else

They went on to state that Pakistani media people could have used the google translate instead of coming up with the meanings of their own.


FINALLY, a few people had receipts to educate the awaam about the difference between both the words

Some people went ahead and found screenshots of international publications covering the same event and clarified that the word was in fact the french word ‘merci’ which means ‘thank you’. They even explained that displaying ‘merci’ or ‘thank you’ on the Eiffel tower is meant for all the medical staff who are working tirelessly to make France, and the rest of the world, corona-free.

Well, this hilarious mistake by ARY did turn people into some kind of language experts, that too in french. It was funny and definitely an entertainment for a few hours. Thank you, ARY.


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