15 Of The Greatest Struggles of Being A Rich Pakistani Auntie

By Amal Khan | 29 Jul, 2016

When you open up Sunday or GT, you can see smiling aunties plastered across the pages. They’ll be smiling at a wedding in their sparkly clothes or attending  hi- tea at their “best friend’s” house. They’ll be decked out in their glorious lawn outfits and sporting flashy purses. Their life may seem like glitz and glamour, but they too have problems.


Here are all of life’s tough moments you have to go through if you are a rich Pakistani auntie:


1. The overbearing weight of the huge Gucci/Prada/Louis Vuitton/ anything-above-$1000-bag that you must carry around all the time.

Especially for photographs.

Source: The Telegraph


2. The meticulous hours you have to spend getting your makeup done to look like porcelain before that chai party thrown by Zainab.

It’s not easy finding the perfect Chanel eye pencil that perfectly compliments your Dior lipstick.

Source: Deenga


3. The endless trial and error of the perfect selfie, with the perfect pout.

Bonus if you’re wearing Elan!

Source: Fashion Central


4. The thousands of blow-dries you have to get to keep that unnecessary blonde hair looking FAB.

hair flip
Source: Giphy


5. So many committee parties, so little time.

Source: Tumblr


6. Having to dress up to go to Sanam’s birthday even though you hate her but at least your jora’s more expensive than hers.

Source: Farah Talib Aziz Lawn

She won’t even notice that the Fendi wallet you got her is fake.


7. The infinite waxing, threading, plucking, squeezing, popping, injecting, and strange food eating to make sure you look perfect in case someone pulls out a DSLR.

Source: Giphy


8. The sales at Sapphire.

Source: Deenga


9. Uff, having to sit through another PFDC Fashion Show in the front row.

Oh gosh, if only they’d give you a break.

Via: Tumblr


10. Making sure you hit the gym because #instafit #transformationtuesday #workhardplayhard

Via: Tumblr

Also, Sanam can’t be fitter than you, right?


11. Making sure you get that Sania Maskatiya bridal to wear to a mendhi before all your other “best friends”.

Source: Farah Talib Aziz Lawn


12. Having to go to Ayesha’s daughter’s mehndi, Sadaf’s baby shower, and your hubby’s work dinner, all while making sure you take enough pictures for your Sunday Magazine “follow me around” article.

Source: IRK Films


13. Only having time to go to one location for summer vacation.

You just went to Istanbul while Shazia went to London, Lisbon and Miami.

Source: Tumblr


14. Not having anything to wear.

You have a closet full of clothes, but seriously, you have nothing to wear.

nothing to wear
Source: Tumblr


15. Pretending to love your salad, but wishing you had just ordered the damn burger.

It’s okay, we won’t tell.

Source: Deenga


This article is not meant to be offensive to any of you lovely desi ladies. I am merely poking fun at the elite society in this country. I’m sure your struggle is real.

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Cover image via: timepass.com.pk

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