13 Moments In Your Life That Make You Feel Like You're Finally An Adult

By MangoBaaz Studio | 11 Oct, 2019

You feel like you’re finally an adult when you do things yourself

Growing up isn’t all fun and games. Usually it’s anything but that. As you realize how the world works and several responsibilities fall on your shoulders, it gets a little daunting sometimes. However, don’t be afraid, it’s not all bad. Sometimes doing things on your own can actually bring you a sense of self satisfaction. It’s when you feel that bit of self-satisfaction, you know you’re finally an adult.

Here are some moments which make the realization that you’re finally an adult a little sweeter.


1. Getting your first job after graduation

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Getting a job is honestly the best feeling ever. Whether it’s a part time gig as a home based content writer or a high powered job as a trainee for a big multi-national, it makes you feel pretty great about yourself and reminds you that you’re an adult.


2. Getting your first salary

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Of course, a job means you’ll be getting paid and there is nothing like that feeling of getting the paycheck for your first ever salary. It’s a BIG reminder of the fact that you’re an adult now, fending for yourself.


3. Going grocery shopping for your own things for the first time with your own money

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You will never realize how tough adulting is till you go and get the mahinay ka sauda. Nothing makes you realize why your mom yelled at you to put snacks back on the counter than the final total at the check out counter. The mehngai is totally crazy! Which is why the Carrefour MyClub app is a lifesaver; you get to save tons of money and win at adulting.


4. Applying for and getting your own credit card will definitely make you feel like you’re finally an adult

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Honestly, there is nothing that says adult like having your own credit card. From a student account to an actual adult account, it really makes you feel like you have grown up.


5. Going through hell when applying for your first visa without your family’s help

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You aren’t truly an adult unless you have scrambled from place to place to get documents and submit them to a visa office. Nothing like jumping through bureaucratic red-tape to remind you how old you are.


6. Fighting to pay the restaurant bill instead of making your friends pay it

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Remember when you and your friends would pretend to forget your wallets at the time the bill came and would pay only reluctantly because of your meager monthly allowance? Well now, you have a salary so your friends actually fight over who gets to pay the bill. You’re not truly an adult till you flex on your friends.


7. Realizing how bad mehngai is a sureshot way to make you feel like you’re finally an adult

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Hearing your parents complain about mehngai is one thing and experiencing it yourself is another. Once you start earning and are responsible for your own kharchay you realize how expensive everything is.


8. Paying the bijli ka bill for the first time

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Nothing like standing in line at a bank waiting for your turn to be able to pay the bill with your own money. If that doesn’t give you a taste of adulthood, nothing will.


9. Realizing that you’re not as young and can’t pull off nighters anymore

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You’re closer to 30 than you are to 20. You try to push your body to get maximum out of it by staying up late after a full day of work but your body has aged quicker than your mind. Sadly you can’t go a day without getting your full night’s sleep to charge you for the next day again.


10. Giving your friends salami on their wedding definitely helps you realize you’re finally an adult

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Remember when that one friend got married in college and you didn’t even mother giving her a gift because “job nahi hai yaar, kamanay walay dein!”. Well now you do earn so giving salami to your friends at the never ending weddings is a big thing.


11. When you buy your parents a present from your own hard earned money

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Now that you’re earning as an adult you will get to experience the sweet euphoria of being able to give your parents nice presents. Honestly, this is one of the best parts about adulthood.


12. Realizing you can’t just take a day off work whenever you feel like it, like you used to do in school

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Remember those 8 AM classes which you barely showed up for? Yeah, having a job isn’t like that. You either show up on time and get fired. Nothing reminds you of being an adult like the responsibility that comes with a job.


13. Finding the best ways to save money is a pakka way to make you feel like you’re finally an adult

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Because you’re earning money yourself and kharcha bhi apnay wallet se horaha hai so you start to become a pro at saving money, like downloading apps such Carrefour’s MyClub App to get major discounts.

For a better idea of the major savings you can get with Carrefour’s MyClub app, click here. You can also download the Carrefour app for iOS and Android here. Let the saving begin.


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