13 Different Types of Pakistanis in America That You Will Come Acorss

13 Different Types of Pakistanis in America That You Will Come Acorss

Co-written by Hadia Javed

There are over 500,000 Pakistani-Americans living in the US. And though they are of Pakistani descent, there are certain nuances they make them unique. Here’s a collection of a few different personalities of Pakistanis in America that you’ll come across.


1. The overly Muslim “Brother” or “Sister”

To them, there is no point in identifying with Pakistan as they ONLY identify with the Ummah. Anything else is just an attempt to weaken the Ummah. Oh, and they also use their University MSA’s to find their future significant other.

Source: PBS

2. Fresh Off the Boat aka FOB

This guy/gal just got to the US and is still getting used to the lifestyle. They spent their entire life outside of the US and are still getting used to the cultural differences. Some of them have a desi accent while others try to feign a weak American accent.

Source: Sahir Lodhi

3. The wanna-be Indian

They don’t know much about Pakistan and refer to themselves as “brown.” They don’t understand why partition took place and are so amazed by Bollywood that they think being Indian & Pakistani is the same thing.

Source: Bollypop.in

4. The Doctor

During university, people assume that the Pakistanis they meet are all in pre-med. These people are why that stereotype exists. Some of them actually want to be doctors, while others simply did it because their parents convinced them it would provide them with a respectful and financially stable future.

Source: Canadian Immigrant


5. The Engineer

Not everyone wants to be a doctor. And Pakistani parents understand that. That’s why the second most popular field of study for Pakistani people, according to their parents, in America is engineering.

Source: Tumblr

6. The Secret FOB

They act like they’re super white washed but have seen every Pakistani drama and always cry during re-runs of Humsafar.

Source: Tumblr 

7. The American Born FOB

Although this person was born in the US, their constant fake fobby accent makes you question where they were born.

Source: Tumblr

8. The Rebel

This person decided to be a rebel, didn’t listen to their parents and didn’t become a doctor or an engineer. They had the guts to follow their dreams and chose to do what they wanted. A very rare breed.

Source: Tumblr

9. The Future Housewife

This girl doesn’t care too much about how she does academically. The only reason she even went to university was to get her MRS degree.

Source: Tumblr

10. The Conservative Husband

This type of man just wants a pretty wife who cooks and cleans for him all day. “The Future Housewife” is his type of girl. Yes, these men exist in America too.

Source: Tumblr

11. The Coconut.

Brown on the outside, white on the inside. This person doesn’t have anything against being Pakistani, he/she just really enjoys watching shows like Mad Men, Girls, Parks and Recreation, Gossip Girl. This person also enjoys his/her french press coffee at a local coffee shop, prefers eating a gluten-free diet and is definitely against GMOs.

Source: Tumblr

12. The Hater

This poor thing is embarrassed by his/her heritage. They do whatever they can to distance themselves from their Pakistani identity.  They might have grown up in a Pakistani community and as a result, do their best to make non-desi friends after they go to college. Sadly, they also resort to mocking FOBs.

Source: Buzzfeed

13. The Proud Pakistani

Although this person was born and raised in the US, he/she has a firm understanding of Pakistani culture, roots for them during cricket matches (especially when it’s against India) and always posts a Happy Independence Day status on August 14th.

Source: Tumblr

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