This 11-Year-Old Girl Being Physically Abused By Her Employers Has Angered Pakistanis

By Noor | 29 Oct, 2018

It seems like the society we live in has become extremely negligent towards the domestic staff and this has led to an increase in issues related to torture/misconduct towards housekeepers. Employing child labor aside, there is an urgent need to properly address treating those who’re kept in your employment. Proper steps need to be implemented in order to ensure that none of the workers face this trauma ever.


11 year old girl, Sumera’s video has been spreading on social media where she’s allegedly been physically abused by her employers

Sumera who previously worked for a family in Lahore has given details about the way she was treated there. She claims that she was beaten brutally for not being able to perform her duties properly.

Source: @SaithAbdullah99 / Twitter


She has shown some serious marks on her body

Source: @SaithAbdullah99 / Twitter


It is being assumed that a very hot iron may have been used to torture her

Her leg has been damaged seriously and this is inhumane.

Source: @SaithAbdullah99 / Twitter


The girl has narrated the entire incident in a video and has begged the owners to not treat her this way

Here’s the video


People felt the pain through which the girl has passed and reacted to the situation.


A few requested the higher authorities, including the Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari, to intervene


People were also angered and wanted the culprits to be held accountable

Such incidents need immediate attention of the law enforcing bodies in order to ensure that the culprits get punished and no such incident is witnessed in the future. It is also sad that for incidents like this, the culprits rarely get caught, like the case of Major Ammara Riaz who was last reported to have gone into hiding to avoid getting arrested.

Pakistani authorities really need to step up to protect its real future – the young and vulnerable children.


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