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A 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Being Tortured By A Major And Her Husband Has Shocked And Angered Pakistanis

A 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Being Tortured By A Major And Her Husband Has Shocked And Angered Pakistanis

Torturing/physically abusing one’s domestic staff is an important issue which still has not been ‘properly’ addressed by our administrating bodies. There is a dire need to curb this menace and it’s very vital to ensure that the culprits get the due punishment and our house help get the basic human rights as well.

Even now, a case of a similar nature has surfaced. A young girl has been found, severely tortured by the owners of the household. 

A 10/11-year-old girl, who allegedly works Major Ammara Riaz and her husband Doctor Mohsin Riaz, was recently photographed injured to a heartbreaking extent. News surfaced that they have been starving her and subjecting her to physical violence for about two years.

Source: @[Lanaschild_] / Twitter )

She is apparently beaten with belts, wires, and ropes. 

Source: @[Lanaschild_] / Twitter)

Moreover, the woman allegedly stands on her chest and kicks her repeatedly if she sleeps. 

Source: @[Lanaschild_] / Twitter)

The proof of the same is visible in these heart-wrenching pictures.

Source: @[Lanaschild_] / Twitter)

The story spread rapidly on social media…

…with videos of the girl narrating the incident being shared as well.

People reacted to the entire situation in different ways but the anger towards the culprits was common.

Many people urged Shireen Mazari to look into this as well.

People’s hearts ached for the little girl.

The entire detailed account has been presented on various social media platforms.

*Torture By An Army Officer*I have never used this platform for any purpose like this before but this case is…

Gepostet von Wahaj Khurram am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018

This incident is extremely traumatizing and miserable. We can’t even imagine the pain and trauma little girl has gone through. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


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