13 Of The Most Annoying AF Things Aunties Do At The Gym In Pakistan

By Aam Nawab | 29 Oct, 2018

When it comes to going to the gym, all rules and regulations are pretty straightforward. Especially when it comes to the type of people who go to the gym, it’s pretty standard. Oh yeah, people. Gym aunties are their own kind of breed with their own set of rules, their own set of characteristics and their own set of lovely antics.

Now, this is no disrespect to any aunties out there. If anything, most of us look up to them because like, I do NOT see myself going to the gym when I have kids, in-laws and a hundred different tasks to get done on the daily. Sorry future hubs.

But with that being said, and no disrespect, there are a couple of very specific and albeit slightly annoying things all aunties do at the gym. Take a look and see. ~


1. Commenting on your appearance

Source: Miramax

Everything from your hair, to your skin and fingernails, there’s nothing like public shame bright and early in the morning.


2. Talking to trainers about their WHOLE lives

Via: Deenga

Don’t bother trying to get your trainer’s attention at this point. Aunty has sucked him into the story of her life. Literally, her whole life.


3. Totkay galore

Via: Deenga

Okay, these can be pretty helpful, but maybe not so much when you’re trying to get your work out in.


4. Operating a rishta service

Source: Danish Ali/Youtube

Somehow aunties get the idea that matchmaking is a good idea in the gym. Are you kidding? This is how must of us look like during our workouts.


5. Bitching about their friends

Via: Deenga

This wouldn’t be an issue if aunties didn’t talk about their own personal lives SUPER LOUD.


6. Getting offended when you cut conversations short

Trying to get back to your workout after making small talk with an aunty at the gym should be considered an Olympic sport.

Via: Tumblr


7. Judging you like it’s their JOB when you have leggings on

Via: Deenga



8. Socializing and socializing annnnnd socializing

Via Deenga

There is no greater torture in the world than accidentally leaving your headphones at home and being between two aunty friends at the gym who insist on speaking over you to each other.


9. Taking your weights/mats/towels and you can’t even say anything

Via Deenga



10. Bitching about each other

Source: Illuminati Films

Okay, this can be pretty entertaining.


11. Asking you about your whole life while you’re dying on the treadmill

Source: Soham Rockstar Productions

Nosy? Aunties INVENTED nosy.


12. Guilt tripping you into moving off your space, your mats, the treadmill

Via: Deenga

Okay like, I get you’re older than me and all but come onnnnnnnn aunty.


13. Getting offended if you don’t meet them properly

Via: Deenga


It’s a gym, not a get-together. But good luck trying to get this message across when you mortally offend the aunty you decide to walk away from. But of course, this piece does not reflect the actions of aunties all over the world. But like, it does =P

Can you relate to any of these? Have you been through any of these? Let us know what you think and if we missed anything! Love you.


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Cover photo source: ZaidAliT Vlogs Via YouTube

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