The Day Is Saved! Pakistan Navy Has Cleaned Up The Deadly Oil Spill At Mubarak Village On Pakistan's Coastline

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Oct, 2018

The navy is making sure the oil spill in Pakistan is cleaned up ASAP. 


An oil spill off the coast of Pakistan was reported on Friday. The spill was supposed to have affected certain areas on the coastline of Balochistan and Sindh.

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But the site which had been affected the worst was Mubarak Village, which is from where the first report of the oil spill was received as well.

Fishermen in the area noticed the disaster and alerted authorities. The exact extent of the oil spill was not even fully known until this past Friday. According to experts, the oil slick had been beached on Mubarak Village and other surrounding areas and had turned into a ‘semi-solid tar-like substance’ which suggests the oil spill might have occurred even earlier than previously thought.


The sludge-like substance which has now beached on shores around Sindh and Balochistan is being cleaned up by the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.

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They are manually removing the sludge which will then be dumped into dump trucks and taken to a special location to be properly disposed of. According to the Pakistan Navy official who spoke to the media, the sludge could not be buried or burned but they would responsibly dispose of it as required.

As for who is behind the spill, it is still not confirmed. Initially, doubt fell on Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited, as authorities believed it was a burst in one of their pipelines which caused the spill and thus halted Byco’s operations in the country. However, after an investigation by both Byco and external authorities, it was determined that Byco was not at fault.


In fact, according to The News, the oil was an oil which is called ‘Bunker Oil’ and only has one use; to run the engines of bigger ships. According to experts, this is one of the most deadly types of oils out there.

The source of the spill is still being determined but officials believe a bigger vessel dumped the bunker oil on board near Charna Island before going to be dismantled at the ship breaking yard. Officials have said that they have cordoned off the vessel which caused the spill but are not revealing it’s identity to the public until their investigation is completed.

Ideally, strict measures are taken against the owner and operator of the ship and heavy fines are levied so such careless dumping of toxic oils and other substances into the sea does not happen again and is curbed. You can watch a clip of the Pakistan Navy and other officials partaking in a clean up of the oil spill in Pakistan.

What do you think should be the penalty for causing such an environmental disaster? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: Pakistan Navy via

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