Fakhre Alam Has Been Detained At A Russian Airport, And People Want Him To Stay There

By Arslan Athar | 29 Oct, 2018

Fakhre Alam recently went on a solo flight across the world, hoping to become the first Pakistani to do so.

He has called this adventure of his, ‘Mission Parwaaz’. 

The actor had recently reached Japan, from where he would go towards Russia.

When he finally reached Russia, his ‘mission’ started going downhill.

Actor Faysal Quraishi tweeted out a message from Fakhre Alam, who has apparently been detained at a Russian airport

Now, let’s be real, this is a NIGHTMARE.

I’m a very paranoid traveler, especially when I go somewhere abroad. I’m a proud Pakistani and all, but visa screw ups and weird questioning is a reality and like I don’t want to ever be stuck in an airport because of some random paperwork.

Upon hearing the news, the trolls did come out to leave their thoughts

Source: @arynewsasia // Facebook
Source: @arynewsasia // Facebook
Source: @arynewsasia // Facebook

The word ‘attention seeker’ came up

Source: @arynewsasia // Facebook

Some weren’t buying this story, like at all

While others blamed our passport. I mean, how ruUuUde 

But there was some support and love being sent for Fakhre Alam 

People were tagging the Government and appealing for help 

Some people were offering solutions too 

For the people who wanted Fakhre Alam to stay in Russia for longer, there is bad news for you 

So hopefully, this whole thing gets resolved soon 

What do you think about this whole thing?

Best of luck to Fakhre Alam, and getting out of the Russian airport.

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