11 Very Real Struggles Of Living With A Roommate That You'll Definitely Relate To

By Manahil | 3 Jul, 2019

Living with a roommate isn’t uncommon, whether it’s during our school years, or uni years, or even during trips. And for those of us who have, I’m even more sure you’ll be able to relate to these struggles more than anyone else.

1. When you’re trying to sleep at night but your roommate turns on the lights.

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Literally THE worst. Maybe it’s the obliviousness of my roommate but she literally never ever pays attention to this. I’ve let her know many times to not do that, especially when I’m trying to sleep but kya karein. Do yourself a favor, invest in a blindfold. Honestly, this is one of the things that cause me to be rude towards her from time to time.

2. It’s even worse when your roommate wakes you up when they’re getting ready for class.

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And the reason I say this is worse is that there is literally nothing you can do to counter the noise. Unlike the blindfold, what could you use to try to deafen yourself in the mornings? No, but seriously, it sucks.

3. When you’re forever alone but your roommate constantly talks to their jani on the phone.

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Ah, definitely a love-hate feeling towards this one! Yeah, it’s true, I do feel alone sometimes but I feel so thankful as well because I don’t have to deal with all the fights my roommate experiences. And I know all the gossip. Trust me, girls tell their boyfriends pretty much everything.

But kabhi kabhi, I do wish I had someone to share everything with. Sighs. My time will come.

4. And sometimes, your stuff will magically disappear.

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From my lipstick to my toilet paper, literally – something always goes missing or at least is less than what it should be. And I’m the sort of person who keeps everything in check. Some may call me kanjoos, but it’s not that at all, I’m just a careful person, to be honest. But with a roommate, unless you lock everything up, all the time, something is bound to get “lost”.

5. When you finally decide to shower but your roommate beats you to the bathroom.

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I can literally lay in bed and plan that I’m going to shower for three hours but if my roommate beats me to it, I’ll weep in my sorrows. Just kidding. But for real, it hurts. I just don’t wanna step in someone else’s water, you feel me? And the agony when the hot water is finished and you have to wait for another hour before the “tank” is full again.

6. When someone finishes all the milk and you can’t make any tea in the morning.

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Ye sab sy buri adat hai – when you don’t replace something that’s finished. And everyone knows the rule. Whoever finishes the last part, is the one who replaces it. Or at least tells the other person to. How can you expect me to function without my morning cup of chai?

7. When there’s hair in the sink but you DEFINITELY know it’s not yours

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One second, let me just throw up. ANOTHER reason why I don’t want to shower after my roommate. And it’s even worse when their hair is long. And I definitely know who’s it is because someone’s dyed their hair.

8. And when your roomie doesn’t tell you they are having friends over and you look like a potato.

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And I look like shit all the time, hello it’s a hostel. A warning would be nice but it’s too much to ask for because it seems like I’m trying to control who my roomie invites and as much as I wish I could, I’d never do that.

9. When they leave for the weekend!

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Yesssss, freedom! Freedom to put my music on loud, free to wear whatever I want in my room, free to order tons of food and not have to share. Freedom to have all the hot water I could need. Freedom, I say.

10. When they’re not on the same wavelength as you 

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It’s…a challenge. But you make it work.

11. In the end, you do miss them and can’t wait until they’re back.

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Who else would you tell your midnight thoughts too? Who would be your go-to movie buddy? And if I feel the slightest bit sick, who would I rely on to bring me literally a glass of water? Even though I do need my space, I’d always choose to live with her over anyone else.



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