Baji Bombastic, Social Media's HILARIOUS New Sensation, Has An Important Message For Us All

By Sahar Basit | 15 Jun, 2019

Baji Bombastic, social media’s latest star and hilarious sensation, has already garnered numerous fans. Her video about how much she likes to “safar” has had us all laughing hysterically, to begin with.

Baji, played by Sheherzade Noor Peerzada, recently gave an interview on ARY where she talked about this character and how it all started.

Source: ARY News/ YouTube

“Baji has been with me since I was 9 years old,” says Sheherzade.

She has been developing Bajis character from a young age and used to make her family laugh through Baji’s character. Speaking to MangoBaaz, Sheherzade went into detail. Sheherzade is not a fan of social media but her mother and brother forced her to upload videos of Baji if she wanted any chance to realize her dream of becoming an actress. She has also been performing as Baji as a part of her stand-up routine with the Auratnaak troupe for two years!

Some people have criticized that Baji makes fun of people who have a different English accent. Sheherzade, however, has set the record straight.

“The point is not to poke fun at such people, but the point is to take pride in your own mother tongue and not be concerned about the fact that you can’t speak stellar English. English is not our mother tongue. I want people, especially those from my generation, to realize that they need to stop trying to put things under labels and in boxes in order to understand them. Immediate gratification probes us into thinking we understand things immediately. Baji is meant to probe the audience to rethink how they see things, to rethink how we label and categorize people around us every day.”

Sheherzade’s favorite thing about Baji is how she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks.

Baji is who she wants to be, how she wants to be and when she wants to be. Baji is free of the inhibitions that people in society have. Sheherzade urges people to learn from Baji and make peace with who they are.

Talking about the future, Sheherzade wants to take Baji to restaurants and salons to observe what we do on a daily basis and provide a different perspective on it.

She also has more characters that she plans to introduce in the future.

The way that Baji has taken on such a significant insecurity that many Pakistanis  – the ability to speak English eloquently – is commendable. Her message to all Pakistanis about owning our mother tongue and owning ourselves is very important in this day and age and the way that she is doing it will keep us entertained for sure.

You can watch the full interview down here:

What do you think about Baji’s videos and her message? Let us know in the comments below!


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