Veena Malik And Nasir Khan Jan Becoming Friends Is The Most Unexpected Crossover Of 2019

By Rameeza Ahmad | 14 Jun, 2019

Veena Malik and Nasir Khan Jan, name a better duo. I’ll wait…

2019 seems to be the year of unlikely friendships. Internationally, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift finally ended their famous feud. And locally, Nasir Khan Jan just might have made a new friend.


The friendship between Nasir Khan Jan and Veena Malik started off very unexpectedly

It was actually a very innocent start. Nasir Khan Jan was taunted by a follower on Twitter saying that Veena Malik would soon block him. To this he replied that Veena Malik actually happens to be one of his favorite celebrities. It’s honestly pretty sweet.


He, then, went on to talk about his love and appreciation for Veena Malik and her work

By quote tweeting one of Veena’s recent tweets against Maryam Nawaz he made his own declaration of “appreciation” for her… anyway moving on.


Yours truly had done a post about Nasir’s appreciation for Veena Malik and guess what? VEENA FINALLY NOTICED HIM


And that has started blossoming into a full blown friendship

Nasir has a lot of love to give to fellow artists and entertainers, or say he says.

Veena then wished him luck and told him that he’s a great entertainer and that she’s humbled to know he appreciates her work as well.


And of course, Nasir Khan Jan was ecstatic at Veena’s response and promised to meet her soon

And honestly, we’re super excited about this meet-up and hopefully a collab? We know how handy Nasir is with his phone so you can be sure that he’s going to make a video of some sort. And we cannot wait for when that happens.


Both Nasir Khan Jan and Veena Malik are controversial characters with a lot of people ready to troll them on social media

But you also can’t deny both of them have quite a few fans as well and if this collaboration/meet-up happens, a lot of people will probably be happy.


I don’t know when this alleged meet-up will happen or what will happen during it but I can tell you this; I am excited and praying that it actually does happen ASAP.

What do you think of this unlikely friendship? Let us know in the comments below.


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