Nasir Khan Jan Just Responded For The First Time After The Samaa TV Host Behaved Rudely With Him

By Biya Haq | 8 May, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan showing Samaa TV hosts how to handle it like a pro


Earlier this week, Nasir Khan Jan did an interview with Samaa TV for the show, ‘Naya Din’ and was humiliated by the hosts

Source: Naya Din / Facebook

What was supposed to be a nice and short Q&A with the social media celebrity turned out to be pretty much a live attack on television. Jan recently went through his own physical transformation and because of questions based on that, the nature of the entire interview shifted.

The hosts of the show, Kiran Aftab and Muhammad Shuaeb were extremely rude while asking Jan questions and it was clear to see that both hosts had no respect for their guest and soon enough began to insult him through their comments. To sum up, it was pretty disgusting and something that no guest on any show should have to sit through.


Despite all the hate spewing on TV, Jan’s fan base was full of appreciation, respect and love for the star.

And have been showing it all over social media.

Source: Naya Din / Facebook
Source: Naya Din / Facebook


Many also condemned the behavior of the two anchors and have subsequently started putting a petition together to remove Muhammad Shuaeb from Samaa TV.


Nasir Khan Jan himself spoke up for the first time after the incident, clarifying his feelings towards the interview

In the video with ‘Independent Urdu’, Jan was first and foremost extremely appreciative to his fans and all the people on social media who supported him. He said he was so happy to see their reactions and support throughout the entire episode.


However, when it came to the actual interview, he stated that he was not told about the questions beforehand and did not know that this was going to be the nature of the interview

To the show’s hosts, he stated that he was disappointed because while going for the interview, he believed that he would be shown in a positive light for all the people watching and be able to speak freely about his content. Instead, he felt disrespected and requested that in the future, the hosts be respectful and kind to their guests.

Source: Independent Urdu / Facebook

It was short and sweet and Jan handled himself very well and clearly explained why he was upset by this experience. Knowing our social media landscape and the entertainment industry here, don’t know if we could say the same about other celebrities who would be able to react with the same amount of calm as he did. Many Pakistanis are big followers of his content and personality and whether or not you like him, you have to admit those were some quality diplomacy skills there.

Watch the whole video here, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Love you.


People Are Pissed At This Morning Show Host For Behaving Extremely Rudely With Nasir Khan Jan

Pakistanis Have Started A Petition To Remove The TV Host Who Was Rude With Nasir Khan Jan


Cover Image Via: Naya Din / Facebook and Independent Urdu / Facebook

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