11 Ridiculous Items That International Designers Are Selling For More Than Rs 50,000

By Maryam Khalid | 15 Feb, 2020

International designers be trippin’.

Fashion is a funny thing. One ridiculously simple everyday object can earn millions if it is picked by a famous brand and sold with fancy names. International designers and brands are honestly bluffing these days and still, the awaam goes gaga over them.

Here are some outrageously expensive daily items that’ll make you question, what were these international designers even thinking?

1. This Mud Denim Jacket

International Designers mud jacket
Source: nordstrom.com

Imagine wearing this into a desi household. Your mother will definitely beat your ass up for ruining your clothes. Well, this is exactly the kind of jacket you get when you slip into a muddy puddle. Paying $425, or almost Rs 66,000 for a piece of clothing with muddy smears is beyond my sane sense.

2. Jackets wala coat

Remember the episode from Friends, when Joey puts on the entire wardrobe of Chandler to take revenge on him? Joey Tribbiani never knew his mischief could become a fashion statement, wo bhi for greater than 14 frikking lacs!

Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

3. The ‘Kambal Wala’ bag 

International Designers kambal bag
Source: net-a-porter.com

So goras are really inspired by our culture. These ethnic floral blankets are a part of every desi household. Balenciaga introduced Kambal bags for a whopping $3,500 or Rs 550,000. My desi ass just can’t breathe.

Should I recycle my bachpan kay kambal then?

4. The ”sprayed” denim

Source: luisaviaroma.com

Remember signing and spraying uniforms on the last day of our school? Those were the days yaar! So Balenciaga’s hand-drawn graffiti denim jacket insanely resembles the uniforms we single-handedly customized in schools. The price of nearly Rs 3 lacs for this is sure to give you a heart attack. Even with the discounted price, it is still out of my aukaat.

5. The ”koorey wala” bag

Source: therealreal.com

Getting inspired by a random kachray ka dabba is a whole new level of fashion. Also, the fact that it is sold out already! I mean kese yaar? Who buys this? I need to talk to them.

You must be filthy rich to buy a trashcan-like-bag for Rs 123,000.

6. ‘Bottlecap’ earrings

International Designers bottlecap earrings
Source: mytheresa.com

Bottle kay dhakkan, guys! Balenciaga is selling them for Rs 69,000. Who actually comes up with these ideas, man? I regret discarding a whole lot of them.


7. Branded peg

International Designers clothespin
Source: Tiffany & Co.

Need something to keep the washed clothes on the clothing line? Forget the random rang-barangi pegs. Tiffany & Co introduced this clothespin for $515, almost Rs 80,000. Now, hold your clothes luxuriously. This peg can even hold your falling life together.


8. Chanel’s Vintage bag

International Designers chai wala bag
Source: farfetch.com

Gone are the days when you had to worry about tea spilling on your way to work. Just place your cups in this super-chic bag and you are good to go. And don’t worry about the price. It’s just around Rs 25 lacs.

9. Safety-pin earrings

International Designers safety pins
Source: balenciaga.com

Miss those days when you used to pierce your skin with safety pins and act cool? Well, the trend is back but a little more expensive. They cost about Rs 73,000. Who even wears these things? Matlab if I wanted to wear safety pins, I would simply put my local ones through my ears. RIP to all the safety pins I lost. I could have been a millionaire with this idea.


10. The expensive shirt-on-shirt

International Designers ridiculous shirt
Source: @mallymack/ Twitter

Well, it’s actually a shirt stuck onto the other. Balenciaga claims that it has ”two wearing options” and is selling for greater than 2 lacs! Seriously, I want to talk to the designer.


11. These damaged sneakers

These sneakers are legit the kind when a dog bites and chews the hell out of it. Margiela is selling a pair of these phatty hoy sneakers for nearly $2,000 or Rs 308700. How are damaged and rotten sneakers a must-have item?

Some of these extremely ridiculous items by international designers are absolutely mind-boggling. The atrocious aspect of these common objects turned into trendy must-haves, is that they are being sold at outrageously high prices. The products are a recycled version of what we find in our daily lives. So, demanding huge prices for these, just because they have a label on them, is utter nonsense. What do you think of these products? Let us know in comments


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Cover image via mytheresa.com/ net-a-porter.com

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