Luxury Brand Balenciaga Is Selling “Bottle Cap Earrings” For Almost $500 And Yeh Mazaaq Nahi Toh Aur Kya Hai?

By Fatima A | 2 Jun, 2019

By now, I’m pretty sure we’ve established that goras tend to have…strange choices when it comes to fashion.

From opting for Kambal walay bag…


…to full on kambal jackets…


…and $16,000 walay chai carrier style bags…

…I think we’ve all realized that these international luxury brands design all kinds of strange things and sell them for ridiculously high prices.

In today’s episode of weird, expensive stuff that goras repurpose, I present to you…bottle cap earrings.

Yep. You read that right. Dhakkan. Bottal kay dhakkan are the latest luxury must-haves.

These “high-end” accessories are designed by the prestigious fashion brand Balenciaga which boasts of “taking an everyday item and turning it into a coveted luxury design.”

Bol ke loot rahe hain. Matlab slapping your logo on bottal ka dhakan is all it takes to turn it into a “coveted luxury design” that sells for hundreds of dollars? Can someone stamp a Balenciaga logo on my forehead too, please? Maybe then I can finally be appreciated for the luxury that I am? Anyone?

source: Columbia Nashville

Khair, mazay ki baat yeh hai, the brand actually recommends that you wear the earrings with a blazer for “offbeat office styling”.

Keri styling? Can you imagine showing up to your office with dhakkan in your ears?

source: Jenna Marbles/YouTube

I mean, who comes up with this? I just wanna talk. TBH, I’ve seen some pretty wacky luxury items in my lifetime, but these bottle kay dhakkan earrings definitely take the cake.

These “gold plated” safety pin earrings are a close second, though.

Matlab, who wears these things? And why?

source: The CW

Naturally, the internet started a discussion around these bizarre dhakkan walay earrings.

And turns out, this guy’s housemate is one of the people who actually buys ajeeb mehengi cheezain like this.


People are highly unimpressed with this dhakkan design, though.

Don’t think anyone puts it better than she does.

So what are your thoughts on this latest fashion-must have? Planning to meticulously save all dhakan you come across now? Love this trend? Loathe it? Let me know in the comments below.


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