An Online British Store Got Called Out For Selling Kameezain As “Vintage Boho Dresses”

By Fatima A | 14 Sep, 2019

Ladies, are you tired of staring at the same plain ol’ kameezain in your wardrobe? Well, fear no more, white people are here with “vintage boho dresses” to steal ideas off people of color and pass them as their own save the day.

After the “dress on pants” look which is basically a second-hand version of our shalwar kameez…


…to passing off the tikka as a “chandelier clip”


…and going as far as marketing dhotis as “check mini skirts…”


…white people are back at it again, trying to sell off kameezain as….vintage boho dresses.


Yes. You read that right. Turns out you’ve been living in the dark your whole life. That lawn ki shirt in your cupboard isn’t a kameez – nope, it’s  “vintage boho dress.”

As my amma would say, “ Kameez hai magar tameez nai hai.”



Okay, but no for real, can you imagine if one day you actually showed up to work wearing this? In all seriousness who could ever casually roam around in public wearing this? Where are the vintage pants?! If you’re going to sell a kameez, you gotta sell the accompanying shalwar too.

Sis, this is literally a kameez you wear to someone’s Mehndi.


Tbh, I feel like the whole thing is an elaborate lie being carried out by someone who forgot to wear a shalwar with their kameez in public one day and decided to pass off their outfit as a boho dress rather than coming clean with the truth.

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about these…vintage boho dresses.

People just couldn’t get over the fact that the model wasn’t wearing a shalwar.

Absolutely NO ONE was willing to fall for this pulling-off-a-kameez-as-a-dress nonsense. Especially in public. Can you imagine what the uncle and aunties would say?

Mostly, everyone couldn’t help sharing how terribly ridiculous they thought the whole thing was.

However, a few people were quick to jump on board and decide to use this an inspiration for selling their own ahem – vintage boho dresses from their closets

Many rightly called out the website for cultural appropriation.

Thankfully, the company took note of this outrage and ended up taking down all “vintage boho dresses” (read kurtas) off their site.

Tbh, I’m actually really glad that the brand actually took people’s feelings into account and ended up taking the clothes down. While the debate on cultural appropriation is a controversial one, one can’t deny that this blatant erasure of brown culture by marketing desi products as a uniquely western invention is disrespectful, to say the least. It invalidates the history and true identity of these clothing items and basically makes a mockery of desi culture.

What are your thoughts behind this whole debate? Did you just find the whole thing amusing and leave it at that or do you feel it was cultural appropriation? Let us know in the comments below.


Desis Have Literally Lost It After This British Company Called A Tikka A Chandelier


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