People Dragged This International Brand For Copying Desi Clothing

By Maryam Khalid | 5 Jan, 2020

An international brand tried to sell desi clothing for a whopping Rs 74000 and people were like, “Nope, not today.”

We’ve all seen international brands steal our local trends and sell them at a hefty price. You must have stumbled upon such ”inspired” items on the internet every now and then.


Remember when they called our precious tikka” a chandelier hair clip?



And had the audacity to make bikinis out of ajrak?

Source: Urban Outfitters / Forever 21


They even got away with selling our kameezein as ”vintage boho dresses’



In today’s episode of the same practice, we present you with our very own embroidered jacket and bell-bottoms being sold by an international brand as – well, this:

Free People was selling this under the Holiday Unexpected collection. Well, we can’t deny that this is unexpected.


A quick calculation told us that the entire outfit by the international brand, consisting of the top…



..and the bottom comes up to Rs. 74,000/-


This, of course, doesn’t even include what one would wear under the jacket, considering aise toh nahi nikal sakti road pe.


People are naturally calling out the international brand

Source: @freepeople / Instagram
Source: @freepeople / Instagram


Well, if we translate it into desi terms, it would really be this:

Source: @freepeople / Instagram


That irony though

Source: @freepeople / Instagram


People are questioning the originality of this design by the international brand

Source: @freepeople / Instagram
Source: @freepeople / Instagram


This one raised a very valid point

Source: @freepeople / Instagram

What do you think of the clothing item and the allegations on the international brand copying it? Let us know in the comments.


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