11 Lahori Restaurants and Dishes Where You Don't Have to Worry About Hygiene

By Raahim Shoukat | 3 Sep, 2015

Lahoris love their food and  can pick from a variety of cuisines when going out to eat. However, recently, the PFA has struck down on several restaurants with an iron fist due to their poor sanitary conditions. And while that’s great, Lahoris are left wondering one thing: where can they go eat clean food and what can they eat so that they won’t operate like a machine gun in the bathroom?! People of Lahore, fear no more – here’s your guide to some of Lahore’s clean restaurants (and just in time for the weekend).


1. The Ultimeat Brick Oven Pizza at Sweet Affairs

This is probably one of the best pizzas you can find in Lahore and it’s probably because it’s baked in a real brick oven. I mean is there a better way to enjoy pizza? It is the ultiMEAT (geddit?) experiance.Oh oh oh! Also, don’t forget to order one of their delicious shakes as well! Itnay classy pizzas aur shakes kah mazza hi aapna hai.


Source: Sweet Affairs by Saniya Waqar


2. Beer Can Chicken at Mouthful

Okay, I know you’re wondering and no, it doesn’t have beer in it – not exactly sure why it’s called that either. Anyways, this SUPPOSEDLY “haram” Beer Can Chicken is actually pretty divine but takes around an hour to cook. The chicken is said to be farm grown as well making it healthy. Since you can look at the whole chicken, you won’t be wondering if it’s pork or donkey meat…

11667361_1032359296774772_7066615998271863676_nSource: Mouthful



3. Angus Beef Steak at Si Bon

For all the steak lovers out there, it doesn’t get better than this. The steak is made to your taste with the perfect crunch of a well-cooked steak! It’s like having BLT in New York, minus the bacon of course. I recommend you have this steak the way it’s supposed to be: pink from the middle! We desis aren’t known for liking steaks but kabhi kabhi nai cheez try kerni chahaiye yaar.

11149257_821665934548776_6375195370436310288_nSource: Sibon


4. Molten Lava Cake at Arcadian Café

If you’re a sweet dish lover, this is something you need to try.  Make sure you place the ice-cream on top of the cake and let the chocolate ooze out and mix with ice-cream. Then scoop it all up – this should be a perfect addition to your INSTAFOOD collection. #moltenlava #choclateheaven


Source: Aracdian Café


5. Shakshukas and Cream Cheese at Jade Cafe

Even though this isn’t your typical Lahori breakfast, it has the potential to rock your taste buds.  Baked eggs topped with beans served in a skillet. It’s the perfect breakfast dish to enjoy on a Saturday morning with your delicious breakfast tea.


Source: Jade Café


6. Mushroom and Cheese at Food Truck Company

Best burgers in Lahore right from a food truck- the mushroom and cheese with Italian sauce is just AMAZING! This food truck moves around a lot switching its locations, so find the nearest destination and gobble down the delights this truck has to offer. For all the foodies tired of Cafe Alyanto and all the same dine in crap, this is a unique addition to the streets of Lahore (quite literally). A gourmet burger being made in a truck! *mindblown*

              11217819_388426324684100_4741177682498319146_nSource: Food Truck Company


7. Jalapeno Burger at Grill Hut

Who would have thought that this Grill Hut stand in Barkat Market could produce some of the best burgers?! Yes folks, there is life outside of MM Alam Road! Jalpenioize yourself with the taste of this burger. WARNING: It will fire your taste-buds. And yes folks this is hygienic – all the chefs working are provided the essential tools to keep your meal healthy and the fire out of your stomach.


Source: Grill Hut


8. Mixed Grill BBQ at Spice Bazaar

One of the rare desi restaurants that will not make your stomach regret after eating. We all have that inner desi food love in ourselves and we can unleash it at this amazing eatery.


Source: Spice Bazaar


9. Khao Suey at Citrus

Tired of desi? A never like before dish has arrived in Lahore – this unique dish is filled with rich spices and has a mixture of many different ingredients. It’s like a combination of chow mein and chicken curry. nom nom nom.


Source: Citrus


10. Roast Beef Panini at the Pantry

Health conscious? Scared of gaining weight by eating out? But still want to have a delicious meal where you can enlighten your taste buds? Well lucky you, this is what you need. There is still hope left in Lahore’s healthy cuisine folks. A herb filled sandwich grilled right in front you. Just make sure you get it on a whole wheat bread 😉


Source: Pantry

11. Gur Wala Naan at Grill’n’Bake (WARNING: Not for the Weight Watchers)

Feeling desi? In need of a sweet dish? A UNIQUE sweet dish? Dip it in a little dahi, sit back and enjoy.


Source: Toss Down

There is still a lot of hygienic food out there and now we know which ones to trust completely.  

Editor’s note: these restaurants are on this list because they have NOT been fined by PFA. This is not an endorsement of any restaurant and preference for restaurants is based on author who frequents these restaurants. The list is not based on ranking.

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