11 Important Qualities All Pisces Look For In Their Future Bae

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Mar, 2019

Spring is right around the corner and we are LOVING IT! Another thing that we are totally loving is the fact that Pisces season is here. Spring and Pisces, ahh! Pair the two and you have a perfect concoction for a love affair waiting to happen. And you know what? I have you covered when it comes to finding out what a Pisces personality really looks for in a lover. So let’s dive right into it.

1. Someone who is as sensitive as they are

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That’s right, these flexible fishes are one of the most sensitive souls on the face of this earth. They will always think about what they say or do, making sure not to hurt anyone intentionally. They feel very VERY deeply and will be happiest with someone who understands and respects this very trait that they possess. If you don’t acknowledge their feelings, they will withdraw themselves from you and prefer to keep their distance.

2. Someone who doesn’t take their jazbaat for granted 

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Since a Pisces is generally very nurturing and giving, they are often taken for granted, which is something that they absolutely abhor. They give their everything to a person or relationship and if the other party fails to return the favor, they feel as if unpay zulm ho raha hota hai. They will continue to give love until their ego and self-esteem allow them to!

3. Someone who shows them the bijli at the end of the tunnel

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Pisces peeps hate uncertainty. This is probably because they tend to over-think and over analyze situations. They need to know, they just NEED it! They will stress themselves out if they are not shown some sort of a direction or light, and that is why they need to be with someone who can break it down to them and take them through things, one step at a time.

4. Someone jo inka extra dehaan rukhay

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A Pisces looks for romance in the smallest of things. They will secretly acknowledge and admire it when you pull out a chair for them, or open the car door for them, or even put food in their plate. To them, this is a show of your love, care and most of all protection. This sign loves to feel secure and protected, and if you make them feel this way – you’re halfway there into their heart already!

5. Someone who will never push them to open up jaldi jaldi se

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This is purely in the context of getting to know a Pisces personality. These people are shy and introverted. They don’t like being rushed into things, especially when it comes to relationships. They hover over and silently study the person they are interested in and will let their guard down once they are comfortable. That being said, do not ever try to hurry them up into anything or they will crack!

6. Someone jo inkay codes, decode kerlay

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Pisces peeps are very good at hiding their feelings, especially when something is wrong. The best person for them is someone who will take the time to get to know them and understand them thoroughly. They look for someone who will hear them out and hear the voice from within – someone who will decode the truth when they’re lying! Basically, all a Pisces wants is someone to hear the things that they aren’t saying.

7. Someone who is always there for their hoslaafzai

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A Pisces is the kind of person who thrives on positive reinforcement and encouragement. They do not take critique that well. They will go beyond their ability if their partner cheers them on and tells them that they believe in them. They just want to hear that whatever they are doing is right, and is good enough, because, in actuality, a Pisces always tries to ensure that everything is good and more than enough.

8. Someone who always gives sach ka saath

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Pisces are blunt and direct – to the point that it might just make anyone uncomfortable. But there is a reason why they’ve become like this! Yup, it is because people have lied to them and taken them for granted. Even if it hurts to know the truth, they would say it and listen to it, rather than being lied to. They need someone who holds the same kind of values. Someone who will state the problem in a way that they both can come up with a solution. Pisces people are about fixing things and people that are broken.

9. Someone who never ridicules their judgement 


Because a Pisces is known for over-analyzing things, they tend to have very good judgement about certain things. Although they are kind at heart, they know exactly when someone is taking advantage of them or is taking them for granted. They have the ability to watch people very closely and can tell exactly how invested someone is into a relationship. They look for a partner who is able to value their keen judgement and will trust them when they say that they have a bad feeling about someone. Even if they don’t seem to have a particular reason, a Pisces has a pretty strong gut feeling which is almost always correct.

10. Someone jo pyaar keray and isn’t afraid to show it

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A Pisces personality thinks with their heart and not their head. They will ideally value someone who values love as much as they do, and won’t think twice about taking risks in their relationship. A Pisces person will go above and beyond for those who they truly care about, but they need that certain someone to reciprocate that love too!

11. Someone who gets their perspective and appreciates it

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Pisces tends to see the world as a dream. They are creative and love to leave a part of themselves in everything that they create. They will be very happy to partner someone who appreciates this skewed meaning of the world that they possess and lifts them up even more.

So guys, do you know a certain Pisces you want to woo? Do you think these tips will help you? Let us know in the comments below!

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