11 Moments From The Fashion Industry In 2018 That Left All Of Us Shocked

By Arslan Athar | 18 Dec, 2018

The Fashion world is full of glitz and glamor, however, in the middle of all that gorgeousness, there have been some really weird things happening.

From weird ramp walks to even weirder trends, 2018’s fashion scene really saw it all.

So, if you want to really get into the whacky and weird of fashion in 2018, keep scrolling.


1. Pakistani designer, Rici Melion, had quite the interesting ramp walk at a fashion show. 

Source: @ricimelion // Instagram


2. Chalo, Rici Melion’s flower showcase was digestible, but the clown look he did was plain terrifying.

(Yes, clowns are terrifying)

Source: @ricimelion // Instagram


3. Ali Xeeshan’s launched a campaign against the addiction to social media and brought it to the ramp.

The walk included a maulvi sahab, which was all part of the campaign but was just really awkward to watch.

Source: @alixeeshantheatrestudio // Instagram


4. Rampwalks had quite the year in 2018- there were some seriously WEIRD moments.

Source: nexter.org


5. Collection wise, some brands had a muharram line, but they tried to be discreet. 

Source: Bonanza Satrangi


6. Pakistani designer Hussain Rehar showed an interesting collection. It was something REALLY new but people just did not respond well to it. 

The collection itself is fine, but people’s responses made it all really weird

Source: fashionuniverse.net


7. Fashion brand, Sana Safinaz, launched a lawn campaign which was shot in Kenya. 

People received this campaign a racist, making Sana Safinaz issue an apology.

Source: Sana Safinaz


8. Ranveer Singh looked fabulous at his shaadi party, but there was a freaking laser beam shooting out of his shoulder.

Source: @manisharorafashion // Instagram


9. At the PLBW’18 Hira Ali displayed a very bold collection; a collection that was equality, pride and individuality. 

Source: @hiraalistudios // Instagram


10. Zara Noor Abbas walked the ramp early this year and was made fun for it

The actress was a showstopper for FNKAsia. Her walk was powerful and sassy, however, models at the fashion show didn’t see it that way and made fun of her for it.

Source: @pakistani_celebrities // Instagram


11. Towards the end of this year, models came out and spoke up against the fashion industry’s practice of late payments.

It started with a few models posting this as a Facebook status, but it grew into something else.

Source: @imanamalik // Instagram

The fashion industry is quite an entertaining world, if you’re into fashion or not. There are always new campaigns and ideas being presented, and sometimes they just aren’t received in the way they were meant to. In the moment it seems bad, but in the long run, it’s something we can all laugh over.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: PFDC  // @ricimelion (Instagram)

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