15 Stunning Desi Brides Who Absolutely Slayed Their Shaadi Looks In 2018

By Nai Dulhan | 14 Dec, 2018

Ladies, December 2018 is officially here and damn, where did the year go? Wedding season has arrived with full swing and everywhere we go, there’s some major band, bajaa and baraat. And in this wedding madness, how can we forget the ONE most important thing in the wedding – the bridal fashion. Trust me – desi brides didn’t disappoint this year. Besides, let’s not forget that it’s been a year of looks, ya know?

From Deepika’s stunning and full blown sub-continent bridal attire balanced with western touches here and there…

…to Priyanka’s three, totally opposite looks – all stunning in their own way, 2018 was one heck of a year for breaking barriers in bridal fashion.


So, here’s a roundup of the most outstanding shaadi joras of 2018.


1. This bride who ditched the traditional red jora and went for some serious geometrical gorgeousness instead

I mean, look at her arrive like a total snow queen – Winter bling on point.

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Gorgeous Mahnum!

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2. And this bride’s dress which gave us some major 2018-meets-1980’s puffed sleeves vibes.

Ugh, will someone just appreciate how amazing her hair and makeup look? The strawberry blonde/brown hair with earthy toned makeup – Hallelujah girl, it is working for us!

3. This bride, and her squad in red

Wow, this bride must have a really big heart for letting all the bridesmaids wear the EXACT SAME SHADE of red as her wedding dress. Major respect cuz you don’t see no bridezilla here.

4. And this one who chose one of the most difficult colors to pull off in a wedding dress – baby blue and grey! But DAMN, she’s slaying the look to smithereens.

Excuse me, step aside guys, Elsa in the house! Also, can we all take a moment to drool over the very intricate neckline of the dress? That floral cutwork and off the shoulder sleeves are EVERYTHING!

5. Wow, this stunner who was confident enough to ditch the dupatta and ghunghat, and don short hair and a low back – all in one!

The bride is a total opposite of the traditional dulhan with long tresses and conservative style. She’s totally bringing sexy back with her short bob and sleek looks.

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What a stunner! 💕

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6. This bride, who put Cinderella’s dress to shame

Look at that, just look at THAT work of art.

7. And this bride who looks like a timeless beauty with a 2018 twist

Wow! The net sari and strappy blouse is showing off some major collar bone action! Did anyone else notice the minimalistic make-up but the heavy jhoomar and jhumkas. Girl is playing the slaying game real hard!

8. This bride’s beautiful ivory dress is perfect for that classic afternoon wedding in the garden – where them tea cups at? 

Haye, look at that western cut meets eastern kaam on the dress. It is sleek, but still gives the classic desi feel. The bride’s hair, smoky eye makeup and diamonds give the perfect pizzazz to the whole look.

9. Not only is bride absolutely regal, even the groom’s serving major looks

Ivory sherwani, red turban and those khussas – you really can’t go wrong with that one . Honestly, what a good looking couple.

10. This beautiful couple looks like they stepped out of a fairytale ball, ready to kill it on the royal dance floor

Can someone please give 100 points to the groom for pulling off that fancy schmancy waistcoat? I mean, COME ON GUYS!

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11. And this stunning vision in white lace and that perfectly symmetrical trail

Can someone bring the tissues because I am CRYING over this perfection of a dress? Damn girl, glory be to thou as thou hast slayeth that dress.

Proposal goals. Bus aur khuch nahi chahiye. Bus keh diya.

12. This Nikkah bride who ditched the usual nikkah look and went full glam, modern day snow queen look instead

Wow, from the hair do to the dress to that blue dupatta, everything about that nikkah look is contemporary. And it looks refreshing.

13. Then there’s this bride-to-be who pulled off a kaftan dress on her big day

…Honestly, she’s rocking the look with that fusion look with western cuts and eastern jewelry. It is BOMB!

14. And this bride who decided to bring a piece of Kashmir to a Lahori wedding

Ugh, those color combinations, the head piece and antique kaam on the dupatta is absolutely giving all the Preity Zinta in Bhoomroo Bhoomroo feels.

15. And finally, we couldn’t forget humari apni stunner, Aiman, could we?

Shoutout to Muneeb too, waisay.

2018 has been pretty great when it comes to wedding looks. Let us know if we missed any!


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