Zoobia Meer Says Her Mother Was Beaten By Her Son But The Son's Wife Has A Different Story

By Noor | 22 Jul, 2020

Pakistanis are demanding justice in the Zoobia Meer case

Domestic violence is one of the most common issues that remains deeply entrenched in Pakistani society. It is often addressed by the administrating bodies but poor implementation of the already existing laws does not help to eliminate this brutal practice. An incident of a similar nature has caught the attention of many on social media.


Zoobia Meer became a viral name on social media last night after the shocking story of a son hitting his mother came forward

Zoobia Meer is a social media user and micro-influencer on Instagram. A friend of Zoobia, Arham Hasmi, shared the horrific story of how her brother beat his own mother. Naturally, the shocking incident took Pakistan by storm.

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@zoobia__meer2000 👈🏻 She needs your help.! @zoobia__meer2000 and her mother are badly beaten by her brother and his wife, after that they collected all the cash and property papers with then and ran away.! Police me report krwa rhy hain baar baar but they’re not taking any action.! Kindly isko itna share kryn k kisi alaa hukaam tk pohanch jayy or inko justice mil saky.! They just need justice nothing else.! Government or Police sy appeal hai k kindly @zoobia__meer2000 or uski family ko insaaf dilwaya jayy.! His name is Arsalan Ayub Qureshi, resident of Rawalpindi.! #Givejustice @imrankhan.pti @hkniazi @hkniazi @imrankhan.pti @imrankhan.pti @imrankhan.pti @imrankhan.pti

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Soon after, Zoobia Meer became the top conversation on Pakistan social media

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After a lot of speculation, Zoobia herself shared her side of the incident

started off the video by explaining that her brother has severely beaten his mother and her. She described the details of the incident by mentioning that her sister in law and her brother took away the money that was kept safely at home. Zoobia mentioned that they tried to resist the aggressive action taken by her brother but she failed to defend her mother. She also claimed that despite having the medical tests done under the supervision of police, they did not register the FIR and let their brother go after an hour of his arrest.


Social media has been shocked and horrified ever since Zoobia’s video came to light


Punjab Police responded to the report and stated that FIR has been registered against the culprit

The Superintendent of Police has mentioned that the victim has been given medical treatment and the accused culprit will be arrested in accordance with the law. He stated, ” Those accused of violating the sanctity of relationships and brutally abusing the women will be brought to the justice.”


However, the sister–law of Zoobia Meer, Bisma, has also narrated her side of the story in a series of video and has claimed that it is a propaganda against her husband to illegally confiscate his property

She clarified that Zoobia is the stepsister of her husband and her money has not been stolen by them. She said that Zoobia was ‘caught’ with her boyfriend and now they both are trying to plot against her husband. She claimed that she and her 2-year-old daughter were also beaten by Zoobia and her mother. Bisma Chaudhry stated that she will show some documents as proof to back up her argument but towards the end of her vides she wasn’t able to produce any of the said documents.


She even showed clothes that she claimed that Zoobia Meer and her mother tore of hers

She also alleged that Zoobia and her mother tried to beat her and abort her pregnancy.


In an  interview with Waqar Zaka, the mother revealed all the details of the incident and stated she does not want any kind of settlement with her son and she wants him to be punished legally

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


As soon as the video which featured the brutal beating of a mother by her son was shared on social media, people totally lost it


They condemned the inhumane treatment by the son and were shocked to see a person stooping to a level which is so low


People demanded justice from the relevant authorities and stated that the culprit should be behind the bars

The incident is extremely traumatizing, we can’t imagine the trauma that the family may be going trough. Domestic violence and inhumane treatment like this are unacceptable in all the conditions. There’s a dire need to overhaul the laws regarding domestic violence to ensure that people are forced to take inter-family violence seriously. Here’s hoping justice is served.


Cover image via: @izzatriaz via Twitter / @bismah11 via Instagram

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