Here's How Your Zodiac Sign May Have Been Affected By The Solar Eclipse That Just Happened

By Astarte | 26 Dec, 2019

This solar eclipse of 2019 that we saw earlier today has popularly become known as the last solar eclipse of the decade. It also gave birth to another popular term, the “ring of fire” because of the way the sun looked like when it was blocked by the moon. Visible from many parts of Pakistan, this solar eclipse is the first in 20 years that Pakistanis have gotten to see.

Even more interestingly, this eclipse may affect all the zodiacs as it’ll cast a shadow upon Earth and so on our lives, according to many who believe in astrology.


With the solar eclipse, ll the zodiacs have been facing drastic change in their moods that are basically on the both extremes; highly emotional and highly logical. So, for astrologers, this month has been highly interesting and engaging.

Eclipses are said to have long lasting effects on one’s life especially the solar one since Sun is a ruling star. So we have got some insight that how this solar eclipse is going to effect your sitaray.


1. Aries

You might face some tough time as this eclipse will bring you some competition which you might win fearlessly and gracefully. So hang in their buddy. You’re going to win this.

solar eclipse 2019 aries


2. Taurus

Being a fixed sign. you’ll experience some resistance from the heavens which might have some negative effects on your mood. So stay low and think that eclipses don’t happen quite often and this time too shall pass.

solar eclipse 2019 taurus


3. Gemini

This is your time to shine because being a mutable sign, people will have more inclination towards your personality since you’ll be calm in all this chaos. So enjoy this celestial show as it doesn’t happen every now and then.

solar eclipse 2019 gemini


4. Cancer

Being a cardinal sign your mood swings will be up and running. So try to stay indoors with your closed ones and communicate the least with strangers because you never know who will effect your mood how. So do what you love and stay in the permanent sanctity of your home.

solar eclipse 2019 cancer


5. Leo

You’ll feel rage and anger because moon is basically shadowing your star, and you don’t like being shadowed. So keep your anger in your mighty hands. It might not be a good ride but you’ll get through it.

solar eclipse 2019 leo


6. Virgo

Being a mutable sign, this eclipse is going to be a fun ride for you as you’ll pass through this phase without much change. But that also doesn’t mean that you’re not ready for any kind of changes that this eclipse is going to bring; you know how to tackle any bump on the road. So, look for the signs around you and be ready for some adventure!

solar eclipse 2019 virgo


7. Libra

You might feel uneasy as you like order in everything. You have to make truce with the shifting stars and keep on reminding yourself that this time will pass swiftly if you keep your head focused on the fact that you cannot mess with the stars. Balance will be restored eventually if you keep your cool.

solar eclipse 2019 libra


8. Scorpio

You love solar eclipse as it adds more mystery and darkness to an already sunny day. You’ll be extra quirky since it’s your time being a mysterious, fixed sign. Enjoy this time but also keep your guard because your excitement can draw unwanted attention to yourself.

solar eclipse 2019 scorpio


9. Sagittarius

You were already hyped up for the solar eclipse of 2019 since you love experiencing new things. So, be prepared for new, intense adventures and share them with your loved ones.

solar eclipse 2019 sagittarius


10. Capricorn

Okay. So since you’re a cardinal sign, you also don’t like this bump on the road. As you like life according to your calendar, darkness on a sunny day is not your favorite phenomenon. Changes in mood are ahead so be prepared and don’t lose your head. Plan ahead and keep your guard up.

solar eclipse 2019 capricorn


11. Aquarius

You’ll get ideas from the most unusual places as you like such out of the normal phenomenons. Collect your ideas at one place so you won’t lose them as this time goes away. You might feel stuck at some places but you’ll find light if you only remember to turn on the light.

solar eclipse 2019 aquarius


12. Pisces

Being a mutable water sign, you’ll also find this time dreamy and out of the ordinary. You’ll love all the changes this eclipse will bring in your life but don’t get too much carried away and analyze with your third eye before adapting to the change.

solar eclipse 2019 pisces


Eclipses are fascinating phenomenons and they bring various changes astronomically and astrologically speaking. This solar eclipse of 2019 is even more special since it’s come after so many years for Pakistan. You can blame the eclipse for your mood swings but still keep your head steady because not everybody believes in the stars. *positive vibes*


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