18 Pakistanis Who Got A Little To Excited About The Birthday Of Jinnah Yesterday

By Noor | 26 Dec, 2019

The birthday of Jinnah sahab was a very special occasion for these excited folks, maybe even a little too special. Along with Christmas it was Quaid e Azam’s birthday yesterday so it was a double celebration for many in Pakistan. Some of the awaam on Twitter was wishing the creator of Pakistan in unique ways.


The birthday of Jinnah was marked with a lot of respect by folks, yesterday


But some very excited people had a special request as if it wasn’t the birthday of Jinnah but one of their jaani


Even Gandhi jee ended up asking for the birthday treat because after all it was the birthday of Jinnah, one of his main companions and competitor


Pakistanis also celebrated the fact that Jinnah gave a very special gift to everyone in Pakistan for his birthday – our homeland


Khushi ka mauqa ho aur memes na hon so to celebrate the occasion people got a little too excited

Here are a few memes..


Quite a few of these people got a little too excited to mark the special occasion of the birthday of Jinnah

The jokes were so wide spread that “Quaid Jani” even became a legitimately trending term on Twitter for a decent part of the day, yesterday.


Some people even joked kay agar quaid jaani jaib main ho tau koi masla nahe LOL


There were meet ups being faked, as well


And some complained that for the birthday they didn’t get to cut cake

Oh well, guess everyone has their unique ways to celebrate or commemorate special occasions. Also, Pakistan’s special ability to turn any sort of event into a meme frenzy isn’t exactly underrated tbh. Even Iqbal has his special shaheen who go all out for his special day.

Have you got more memes or funny tweets to share? Please drop them in the comments below.


Cover image via: theculturetrip.com

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