19 Of Iqbal's “Shaheen” And Their Insanely Dard Bhari Stories

By Noor | 8 Sep, 2018

Iqbal ke shaheen kiya kiya kaarnaamay kar rahay hain


Okay, so most of us have read the poetry pieces by Allama Iqbal and obviously have ‘fangirled’ over his incredible skill and talent.

Source; 20th Century Fox Television

We have spent our childhood reciting poems by the great Allama Iqbal at the top of our voices in school assemblies, remember?! His poetry is just PERFECT! Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when Pakistani twitter went crazy over one particular phrase – “Iqbal kay shaheen.” Let’s have a look at the funniest tweets around it.

1. Oh dear…

2. Basically, they were discussing the traits these nau-jawan Iqbal kay shaheen have…

3. Single honay ka dukh bhe roya 🙁

4. People didn’t stop and were tweeting like crazy

5. ThEy DiScuSSeD ThE hUmOuR tOO

6. Some of them weren’t happy with their degree…

7. Suno Chanda was also discussed

8. Spiderman bhe ban gaye shaheen

9. A few of them were ‘seen’ and ‘ignored’

10. Birthday celebrations were discussed 

11. A few shaheens were exposed too… I mean…

12. …Okay, sure

13. Musical.ly was dragged too

14. Dhokaybaaz were exposed

15. Fake accounts were dragged

16. The post-break-up story

17. Umeed pai duniya qaim hai

18. Aik tau relationships nahe khatam hotay

19. And then there was this one

LOL, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have anything to add, please batayein. 


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