Fakhr-E-Alam Isn't Letting Police Do “Gundagardi” And Pakistanis Are ALL For It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 8 Sep, 2018

Political protocols have been a long-tolerated pain for everyone in Pakistan. Many issues have been brought to the surface, with some action being taken against them. Remember the Imran Ali Shah incident which took place a few days ago? Sadly, a similar incident has taken place which goes onto show that we have a long way to go in terms of ending the protocol culture.

Yesterday, Fakhr-e-Alam experienced an unnerving situation which could have had detrimental consequences.

He stated that after his car was rear-ended by a police vehicle, the only method which the guards could think of to solve the issue was to scare him into backing out. Unlike many people who tend to avoid the errors and misdemeanor, Fakhr-E-Alam stood his ground and confronted the culprits.

Fakhr-E-Alam’s demand for accountability could not be fully comprehended by the police personnel as they failed to comply with him, regardless of them being wrong!

Fakhr-E-Alam was persistent in his demand. He wanted to know whose protocol it was, but the police officers just could not understand his question. As per Fakhr-E-Alam himself, the guards did not respond to any of his questions, maybe in an attempt to evade the situation or just to keep their jobs.

Source: Ramsha Umar

Regardless of how persistent the guards were in keeping their mouth shut, Fakhr-E-Alam was in NO MOOD to let this go that easily!

Fakhr-E-Alam needed answers there and then. As resilient were the guards so was Fakhr. He stood his ground and didn’t let the vehicle budge from the spot.

People soon came into support Fakhr as well as to raise their voice against this gundagardi culture.

People demanded an instant inquiry and quick resolution to the problem; just like a good government is expected to do.

What’s worrisome is that even with Naya Pakistan taking its hold on the nation, these protocol harassments and issues are still prevalent in our society. Just when we had thought “ke ab bus, ye sab nahi hoga” another issue comes to the surface which is sad.

The question is: if they can mistreat a renowned media personality, what would they do to the common people on a daily basis? 

The sheer horror of that question is enough to compel everyone to come in support of Fakhr-E-Alam.

Sadly, rear-ending a civilians car was not the only problem her e. Fakhr-E-Alam went onto share Audio/Video Proof of the incident, in order to share with the public graver details of the issue!

It took us a while to wrap our head around this. So this was a security protocol for a high ranking police officer, which had a driver without a driving license and poor enough driving skills as he rammed someone’s car?


Needless to say, Pakistanis could not fully digest the severity of the issue and were triggered by the whole situation.

License kahan hai bhai?

Saying it as it is!

These incidents are increasing in number with every passing day, which goes onto show that this is a pressing matter. Even with a government which detests this behavior, it does not seem to end anytime soon. The only possible remedy, as highlighted by many, to this social ill is that we do not let this scare us anymore.

People need to take strict action against such issues and need to highlight them for the masses to see. On the other hand, concerns regarding security and protection also need to be taken into consideration when one is engaged in such critical scenarios.

Do you think Fakhr-E-Alam was right in how he dealt with the issue? Should he have opted for another recourse? Do you think the culprits will be punished? Let us know.


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