Members Of Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council Are Resigning In Support Of Atif Mian

By Ramsha Bhatti | 8 Sep, 2018

Atif Mian being forced to leave the Economic Advisory Council has received a massive backlash. People are disappointed, sentiments have been hurt, and the right wing is being blamed and cursed for the further marginalization of minorities. Amidst this great debacle, even Hamza Ali Abbassi didn’t hold back on the matter and shared his two cents on the matter. The bottom line is people are pissed and the situation has turned very messy very soon.


In light of the burning rage which is taking the social media by storm, Atif Mian himself releases a statement to provide some closure for the people detesting the formal decision


Atif Mian shed light on his side of the story, maybe, in an attempt to cool down the matter and to sustain the prospering relationship between the new government and Pakistanis.

Sadly, the ideological differences are strong enough to encompass merit and credibility in terms of management of the country in Pakistan.


Atif’s words could be felt to be a piercing, heartfelt retaliation to the people who resented his engagement with the government. 


Atif Mian finally ended his social media catharsis on a positive note. 

Mr. Mian dealt with the entire situation in a calm and honorable manner. Not even once did the man mention that he was asked to step down from his position; rather stood by the claim that he willingly resigned to restore peace between the nation and its government.


 The fact that the government succumbed to bigotry angered people all across the nation. 


While the right wing has failed to acknowledge that Atif’s appointment was done sheerly on the basis of merit, Pakistani’s did not disappoint in this regard.

Following the resignation, other members of the Economic Advisory Council are stepping down.

Bear in mind, these are world-celebrated Pakistani economists and they have protested against the bleak incident in order to show solidarity with their former fellow member.

Asim Ijaz Khwaja, who teaches Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, objected to the issue and resigned from the EAC as well.


Dr. Imran Rasul, who is a London-based economist and teaches at University College London also gave in his resignation

The smear campaign against the removal of Atif Mian seems to have crept into the deeper layers of the system, and Asim Ijaz Khwaja’s and Imran Rasul’s resignation testifies to that.


The fact that they stood steadfast in their support for Atif Mian is an example of how the nation is expected to uplift its ethnoreligious minorities and has inspired many

People are understanding what a grave loss they have incurred as these bright minds leave the EAC

And they cannot help but question Imran Khan’s vision and his action plan since all of this was expected way beforehand. 

Seems like the blame game and the hate will continue for a while, buckle up!



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