Hamza Ali Abbasi Commented On The Atif Mian Controversy And For Once It Makes Sense

By Arslan Athar | 7 Sep, 2018

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweeting history hasn’t been all too great. The man has interesting opinions, opinions that are always at either end of the spectrum. This is just one example, but for ALL of them go here.

This morning, Pakistani Twitter has been abuzz with news of the resignation of Atif Mian from the Economic Advisory Council solely based on his beliefs. 

Pakistanis have been generally upset by the news.

With so many people talking about the news, Hamza Ali Abbasi added his voice to the masses 

Now, when I saw his name come up on my feed with the hashtag, ‘#AtifMian’, I instantly felt it was going to be bad. To my surprise, when I actually read it, the tweet actually made sense.

For those who can’t read Urdu; ‘Agar aitraaz hai ke Ahmedi apne aap ko musalmaan kehte hai tou meray doston issi liye dastoor mein tarmeem kar ke unn ko ghair muslim karar diya gayatha takay ye mussla hal ho. Agar unn ko iss tarmeem se ikhtilaaf hai unn ka haqq hai tou wo janay aur Allah janay. Atif Mian ke saath jo hua, ghalat hua’. 

Not only does this criticize the protest against Atif Mian’s appointment, if also calls out the government for bending to the will of some people, rather than focusing on the country. 

Some people on Twitter said this was ‘Naya Pakistan’s effect on Hamza.

Hatred is pretty deep seeded since his tweet got a lot of pushback

The rhetoric of ‘why hire him if you were going to fire him’ came up 

And blame was placed on PM Imran.

The ruling party promised to bring up Quaid’s Pakistan. 

Many Pakistanis believed that the appointment of Atif Mian was a step in the right direction. Maybe it was a sign of the Naya Pakistan a lot had voted for, but this news sets us back so far.

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