All The Times Hamza Ali Abbasi Made Us All Go What The Actual Fuck

By Biya Haq | 5 Jun, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, or a world without politics (plz can we join), you might have noticed a bit of news flashing across your screen.

Or correction, a LOT of Hamza Ali Abbasi on the news.

Source: MangoBaaz

Like, a LOT.

Source: MangoBaaz

Hamza Ali Abbasi has been absolutely notorious for not being able to shut his mouth. Like, ever.


And since he has been parading himself all over our breaking news channels, we thought we would put a list together on some of his best worst moments and basically,

All the times Hamza Ali Abbasi made us all go what the actual fuck.

Source: Warner Bros.

1. Just to be relevant, let’s start with some recent news.

Abbasi basically went on a tirade on live TV and has made it his sole mission in life to put down Reham Khan and delay or cancel the release of her book. Sure, the book has been set to be a tell-all tale about Imran Khan, PTI and a number of other notable Pakistani leaders, but come on. Specifically going on LIVE TV to bitch?


Source: Newsone PK Via YouTube

2. That time he had a ‘random thought‘ on sexual harassment.

Source: @iamhamzaabbasi Via Twitter


Not only did he call the #METOO movement a ‘global epidemic,’ that made the constructs of flirting difficult, he stated that the gender gap brought by Islam was a good thing for all of us.

Source: @mashable Via: Giphy

3. His thoughts on Wonder Woman, of course.

Via Facebook


Source: Imogen Posts Via Giphy

And fair enough, some of his thoughts were valid given his argument, but like, lol. Good use of that metaphor in the end though! It seems as if he has the inner moral NEED to rant about everything.


4. The time he tried to defend Pakistan but ended up fat-shaming Adnan Sami instead.

Source: Facebook


Even if we can justify the post by saying that it was only in the name of Pakistan and protecting our country, lol, we can’t. Suffice to say it was not the most tasteful way to handle this kind of situation but what can we say, it’s Hamza Ali Abbasi.

5. When he actually made sense in regards to the Asifa case, for once…

Many celebrities took it upon themselves to stand up for the rights and justice of Asifa who was brutally raped and murdered. And somehow, even Hamza Ali was able to speak well enough to support that fact without his usual flair for controversial statements.

Who knew.

6. When he tried to congratulate a fellow Muslim for winning an Oscar and MISERABLY failed.

Congratulations Mahershala Ali for winning an Oscar. I highly disagree with your Ahmadi/Qadiyani religion and my…

Gepostet von Hamza Ali Abbasi am Montag, 27. Februar 2017

Not only did he immediately state his disagreement with the Ahmadi and Qadiyani religion and community, he also told an Oscar-winning Muslim that he does not think he is a Muslim. And that Mahershala Ali is basically delusional since he only ‘thinks’ he is a Muslim.



Source: @oldfilmsflicker Via Giphy

7. How about ONE of the numerous times he was a hypocrite?

Source: Twitter

Coming from someone who participates in movies that LEAD with item numbers in their marketing, not sure you’re making all the sense in the world here, Mr. Abbasi.

Thanks to his loud mouth, Abbasi has been a source of hate in Pakistan. And because of his controversial statements, it seems as if they may not be in the wrong.




And okay, we know a lot of this may seem a little intense and it’s not like we collectively hate the guy but it’s no secret that Hamza Ali Abbasi is a huge source of entertainment in this country.

What do you think about him? All of his issues? All of his tweets? Are we being dramatic? What do you think about him? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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