This PTI MPA Apologized After Beating Up A Guy But Pakistanis Still Aren't Buying It

By Sannia Bilal | 15 Aug, 2018

Recently, we’ve seen a shocking video going viral where PTI MPA, Dr.Imran Ali Shah beat up a random guy on the road, with his guards hurling insults at the poor guy who was allegedly protesting against VIP protocol.

Apparently, Dawood Chauhan, who is a senior deputy director for coordination at the CAA, was defending his stance in front of guards and a couple of other people.

That’s when Imran Ali Shah himself jumped in and started beating him up, in Karachi.


The Twitterverse was furious when they saw a party official manhandling a citizen after taking oath in the Parliament a day prior to the incident. They took to social media to exclaim their disgust.


Some noticed the absence of Police during the incident.

Others urged PM-elect Imran Khan to rid the country of people like Imran Ali Shah.



And some were just disappointed and skeptical that they even voted for him.




And well…Reham Khan chose to be a little sarcastic.


Soon after the video went viral, an official statement was released by the General Secretary of PTI Sindh, notifying the MPA to release his version of the story within 24 hours.


Pertaining to the release of this notification, people noticed a couple of odd things about the notification itself.



And then, before we know it, Dr.Imran Ali Shah issued an apology for his misbehavior.

He personally met Mr. Dawood at his residence, apologized to him for his behavior, snapped a couple of pictures (kyunke ye bhi zaruri hai) and that was about it.


Via Twitter/dr_imranshah

In his apology on social media, he said that it was in a spur of the moment that he lost his cool and caused embarrassment to his position, his party and his supporters.


In response to this apology, people are still not happy. Some wanted him fired right away.


Others pointed out that they’d want the ‘Naya‘ Pakistan to be better than this.



Perhaps the saddest part was when Dawood himself talked to the media personnel and mentioned how he’d choose to forget about all of this because he knows justice cannot be served.


People are requesting the PM-elect for Imran Ali Shah’s instant expulsion in light of the no tolerance policy.



Some questioned if people like Imran Ali Shah will be able to serve the country.



Others wanted to remind him who the real boss is.


While some were looking for an answer from Imran Khan himself, this person wrote to the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice.


But hey, props to the person who brought all of this to light.


Soon, however, questions were raised about Imran Ali Shah’s nationality.




Basically, don’t piss off the awaam. 

While we wait for the official verdict from the party itself, what do you think about his apology? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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