Maya Ali's Style Game Makes Us Want To Raid Her Closet And Steal All Her Clothes

By Arslan Athar | 15 Aug, 2018

Maya Ali has recently been dominating the Instagram ‘Explore’ page. The actor has been taking a whole new route when it comes to fashion and style and we’re loving it. This is, by no means, a sudden change. Maya Ali has always been on top of her style game but she’s just reached a whole new level, and we’re here for it.

She’s been seen sporting athleisure wear and making it look fly as heck

Even on vacation, she’s killing her looks 


A post shared by Maya Ali (@official_mayaali) on

NOTHING she wears is boring. I mean, look at those pants 

That color looks uh-mazing on her, and OH MY GOD, those shoes are to die for

Graphic Tees have definitely had a bold entry in her aesthetic. 

It helps that her poses are on point 

She is so gorgeous 😍♥️ – – #mayaali @official_mayaali #mybae💋 @official_mayaali

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The girl knows how to wear a skirt! 

Statement earrings galore!

Live in the moment…❤️❤️ #lifeisbeautiful #liveeachmoment #staypositive #mayaali😘

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She’s embracing the pinstripes and honestly, they look amaze 


The colorful stripes, the asymmetric top, them sunglasses, IT’S ALL PERFECT.


You keep doing you! Keep raising the fashion bar.

Which one of her looks do you love the most? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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