Imran Khan Sassing An Indian Broadcaster Over His “Playboy” Past Is Too Much To Handle

By Maliha Khan | 6 Sep, 2018

Everyone knows who Imran Khan is. Khan may be the Prime Minister of Pakistan now, but he also has a past like the rest of us. He is pretty well known for his wild side and well people like to bring it up every so often, even if it doesn’t entirely matter anymore.

Well, a video from 2004 has surfaced of Rajat Sharma from Aap Ki Adalat doing just that…

…but it may have not gone as Sharma probably would have wanted it to. Rajat Sharma is known for this show during which he interviews people via interrogative dialogue. He has been able to snake into people’s personal lives and investigate popular rumors and discussions around the individual he brings onto the show. In this episode, Imran Khan was his victim.

The interrogation starts with Sharma reminding IK of his “kissay” in London, wondering how he’d be a good choice to oversee a ton of responsibility. 


Imran Khan replies with “Iss liye meri tara ka admi ziada behter bata sakta hai.”


He fully knows what the world knows about his past and he does not deny it.

And with confidence, too. Good on him.


Sharma brings up disco living rooms, raunchy t-shirts, etc.

Khan denies any usage of disco balls to decorate his living room and cheekily claims that the t-shirt was being used to spread a new cricket campaign.


Then Sharma starts to name women IK was linked to in the past. The list consists of many names. Imran Khan replies by saying, “Apnay yeh thoray ginay hai.”


The audience got a laugh out of that one too.


Khan clarifies he never said he was ever an angel. Again, he doesn’t deny anything. 


IK ends the interview in this clip by reminding Sharma and the audience that he was a topper at THE Oxford University.

Yes, he may have had a colorful past, but he reminds people he’s so much more than that. He was a world-renowned cricket player, a well-educated individual, and now, he’s our Prime Minister. Quite a journey.


It is pretty safe to say Imran Khan pretty much single-handedly took Sharma down and Pakistanis agree.


Some had more reactions than others.


Many admired his honesty.


One wished him the best.


You can watch the hilarious, sass-filled snippet here: 

You Dont Mess With KHAN 🙂

خان انڈین میڈیا پر سچ سچ بتاتے ہوئے 😜😜😜

Gepostet von Pakistanis Got Talent am Mittwoch, 1. August 2018

And if you want to watch the whole thing, you can watch it here:


Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


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