Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Here's How You May Be Ruining Your Life With Your Own Hands

By Iman Zia | 15 Mar, 2017

Your zodiac sign can actually really upend your zindagi

If you’re an avid believer in horoscopes and don’t know why some things are probably not going all too well, then allow the cosmic stars above to tell you why. Here’s how your zindagi is in frazzles based on your astrological traits.



March 21st-April 19th

zodiac sign zindagi aries

You need to seriously tone down your ghussa because that’s how you’re ruining lives. You’re always sariyal and negative, and you need to stop. You also have a very, very short temper and your stubborness takes toll on not just you but everyone around you.



April 20th-May 21st

zodiac sign zindagi taurus

How do you ruin your zindagi? By trying to control literally everything. You can’t control everything that’s happening in your life and you can’t control others either. Stop trying to plan everything, and let things flow as they should. Be a little more adventurous and stop being so rigid.



May 22nd-June 21st

zodiac sign zindagi gemini

You start settling for everything that comes your way because you seriously don’t know what you want in zindagi. You live in constant fear and you hate change so you settle for whatever’s in front of you. Even if your job is god awful, you’ll stick to it because you’re too afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. You need to stop. Settling. And go out and find what you want. Nothing good comes easy.



June 22nd-July 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi cancer

STOP BEING SO SELFLESS. Apne baare mein bhi socha karo. You’re always emotionally investing yourself in other people and that’s hurting you…and ruining your zindagi. Stop putting others first, and put yourself first and foremost. Don’t lose yourself trying to please others.



July 23rd-August 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi leo

Leos, you ruin your zindagis by being emotionally inept. You literally act like a robot that has no heart and zero feelings, and you’ll be asked if you’re even human most times. Feeling things so profoundly isn’t a weakness, so stop thinking it is. Open up and you won’t regret it, and maybe you’ll stop ruining your zindagi. 



August 23rd-September 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi virgo

Virgos, take it easy. Stop trying to be there for everyone because that’s why your zindagi is in ruins. Yes, everyone loves you for being so kind but you need to stop and start prioritizing yourself. You’re not perfect and you spending every waking moment trying to be is self-deprecating.



September 23rd-October 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi libra

How do you ruin your zindagi? By being a push over and not saying what you want. You let everyone walk the hell all over you and an internal battle starts brewing within. It eventually bursts and you start hurting everyone you love. So you need to seriously face the music and stop letting others take you for a ride.



October 23rd-November 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi scorpio

Sorry Scorpios, but you ruin your zindagis by legit being so hard to be friends with. You’re the toughest sign to please and you don’t trust anyone. No one can win you over and very few are let into your circle of trust. You’re a little selfish too and you won’t realize who you’re hurting. You’re a lone wolf and that’s how you like it.



November 23rd-December 22nd

zodiac sign zindagi sagittarius

Stop being so afraid of living life. Stop thinking you’ll fail because that fear is the reason you don’t do anything and you stay hidden in your shell. You have a hard time focusing on something because you let your fears get the best of you. Live a little.



December 23rd-January 20th

zodiac sign zindagi capricorn

You ruin everything by thinking that everything is a competition. You put pressure on every single thing you do because of that and you lose yourself through it. You forget how to have fun and you’re always so hard on yourself. You need to understand life is more than just a checklist of goals.



January 21st-February 19th

zodiac sign zindagi aquarius

You dwell in the past and you cannot move on. The past defines who you are and every decision you make is formed on the basis of your past. You will never let things go and this is what, according to your zodiac sign, ruins your zindagi. You drag all the baggage of your past with you and that’s how you ruin relationships. This pushes everyone away.



February 20th-March 20th

zodiac sign zindagi pisces

You thrive in toxic relationships and toxic people. You’ve got the best heart out of all the zodiac signs but you still have a habit of fixating yourself with the wrong people; people who don’t have any good in them. You think you deserve more pain than happiness and that’s what ruins your zindagi.

So, how is your zodiac sign ruining your zindagi?


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