Zainab Abbas Just Had A Beautiful Nikkah But Fans Are Feeling Sad For Cricketer Shadab Khan

By Sana Yasmeen | 25 Nov, 2019

Zainab Abbas ka nikkah hogaya

Zainab has officially been the national crush of Pakistanis since she emerged on the cricket scene as a commentator. The 31-year old cricket enthusiast turned anchor and sports analyst, Zainab Abbas, took no time in making a name for herself in Pakistan’s cricket world and soon gained a massive fan following after she debuted at the PSL a couple years ago. Now, fans are showing their love at her for getting nikkah-fied.


About a week ago, Zainab Abbas had shared photos of herself at a dholki and rumors had started circulating among fans that she was probably getting married

Unbeknownst by everyone at that time, the pictures posted by Zainab were of her own ‘dholki‘ event.

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Last night photos of Zainab Abbas at her nikkah started circulating on social media

Pictures of the stunning couple on their big day began to crowd our feed and I can confidently say on behalf of Zainab Abbas fans everywhere, that we were all smitten.

Just look at how they LOOK AT EACH OTHER!!!!! *happy tears* 


Zainab glowed with radiance and happiness on her big day

Zainab looked stunning in this wonderful dress by Sadia Mirza and makeup by Zara Gul.


Soon enough, fans began congratulating Zainab Abbas on her nikkah

In no time, the wishes began to pour in for Zainab and her better half.


People couldn’t help but appreciate the BEAUTIFUL bride

Pretty much everyone was gushing at how beautiful Zainab Abbas looked like a bride.


However, some heartbroken fans were particularly sad for cricketer Shadab Khan and thus, memes started coming up

People started coming up with hilarious Shadab Khan memes regarding the whole ‘Zainab getting married’ thing and honestly, Yeh log bhi! LOL


Some fans even got a little carried away

Zainab Abbas nikkah
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After Shadab Khan, even Darren Sammy fans came forward


Zainab’s nikkah has left many fans heartbroken but my dudes, you didn’t even have a chance so be happy for her

Now that Zainab has been nikkahfied, we here at MangoBaaz are sending lots of prayers and warm wishes for the beautiful couple at the start of a new chapter in their lives together.


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