How Have We NOT Talked About Your PSL Crush, Zainab Abbas, Yet?

By Aam Nawab | 7 Mar, 2017

Pakistan Super League emerged as the premier sporting event of the year, not only for Pakistanis but also for cricket fans all over the world. The second run was just as action packed as the first with many memorable moments, from Grant Elliot’s phenomenal bat drop to the scores and scores of people who rushed to screenings all over Pakistan. And who can forget the PSL final closing ceremony? ALL DEM FEELS.


Amidst all the excitement, we’re terribly sorry that MangoBaaz let you down by not acknowledging your PSL crush.

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The person is none other the incredibly talented Zainab Abbas who has hosted the entire season with insightful cricket analysis and commentary.

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What this dude says, basically:


We have to admit, she definitely deserves an accolade.

Source: @ZAbbasOfficial Via: Twitter


Being at par with the industry giant Rameez Raja, Zainab has definitely proven her mettle.

Source: @ZAbbasOfficial Via: Twitter


She was on the field throughout bringing us live coverage and interviews from major sporting personalities.

Like Javed Afridi, chairman Peshawar Zalmi.

Source: @TeamJaved Via: Twitter


Tennis super star and bhabhi-of-the-year-and-every-year Sania Mirza who came to support husband Shoaib Malik.

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And MominaBaaz…sorry MangoBaaz’s very own Momina Mustehsan.

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<3 <3 <3


Zainab’s as genuine behind the camera as she was in front:


All the while bringing live action to your mobile and laptop screens from her social media just so you don’t feel left out:

The woman is such a sweetheart, we can’t even.


It’s also quite evident that Pakistanis most certainly agree.


From this guy who thinks the woman is an embodiment of style and grace:


To this person who is impressed by her well-rounded personality:


This one dude also noticed some *chemistry* on air:


And the funny thing is, he wasn’t the ONLY player who was most obviously smitten:


This fan even went and meme-ed it for the record:


This young romeo doesn’t miss PSL as much as he misses catching a glimpse of his favorite sports anchor:

Well-spoken, graceful and articulate, Zainab has definitely made her mark as a sports journalist.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. Everyone at MangoBaaz wishes her all the very best, especially Yasser Puri. 😉


Cover Image: Zainab Abbas /  Facebook

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