Grant Elliot's Bat Drop Is The Best Celebration Ever And We're All Team Lahore Qalandars Today

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Feb, 2017

Lahore Qalandars have proved to be the underdog this PSL season. Zillat jitni inhon ne uthayi hay, hum sub hee jaantay hein but the squad has recently performed quite exceptionally. In last night’s match, however, they put up a fight like no other.

Islamabad United stuck their neck out in the ultimate duel that has always been the most entertaining part of every city war. When Lahore Qalandars come out victorious, everyone forgot their true allegiances to celebrate the whirlwind of emotions that is cricket.


But the one celebration that takes the cake was Grant Elliot’s BAT DROP.


Look at him go:

Source: Deenga


This bat drop legit has magical powers:


Watch it when you’ve just taken the morning dump aur bathroom mein paani nehin aaraha:


Watch it when you finally tell your crush, “I love you” and she replies with, “Thanks”


Watch it when you get done with the assignment that’s due 12pm and it’s 11:59 and you press send and PTCL screws you up.


Watch it when you’ve been dreaming about that leftover cake in the fridge and when you get home, it’s gone and nobody admits to eating it like, zameen nigal gayi ya aasmaan kha gaya?


Watch it when your favorite song finally comes on and you’re jamming aur manhoos radio ke ads aajayein.


Watch it all day, everyday. ‘Cause today, we’re all LAHORE QALANDARS.


Great game, lads. ???

Cover Image Source: Cricingif

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