Amir Khan Training In Androon Lahore Will Make You Fall In Love With The City All Over Again

By MangoBaaz Studio | 20 Feb, 2017

It wasn’t very long ago when we were stumped while trying to figure out who a certain mystery man running across Lahore in a red hoodie. Later, we found out it was our very own Amir ‘King’ Khan, which filled us with excitement and a tinge of sadness kyunke Amir Khan Lahore mein tha aur humein nai dikha. Sigh. But we got to see him in an amazing video shot all over Lahore and after seeing that, I guess we’ll live.

As part of the Sting Challenge, Amir Khan ‘trained’ all over Lahore, using unconventional methods. We’re most definiely in awe of an international superstar training in the outdoors.

He trained at an akhara with some solid pehelwaan.

He ditched climbing rocks and climbed the scaffoldings at Wazir Khan Mosque instead.

He jumped from building to building.

He ‘boxed’ with some tange hue kaprey.

And let us just leave this absolutely gorgeous shot of Minar e Pakistan here.

For all the ~feels~

Good God, just look it ♥


We legit can’t believe how beautiful Lahore looks in the video.


Also, how did Bilal Lashari direct this and not offer Amir a role in Maula Jatt 2 is our biggest question????

I mean just look at this:

He’s got the whole desi jatt feel going about.


One man. One city. Omg.

Lahore’s been many things in the past. But it’s only now become a training ground for boxers. And we really hope we get to see more of this.


Iss parcham ke saaye talley hum waqayi ek hain :’)

Amir Khan is and always has been a Pakistani first and with his latest statements coming out, with him saying that he wants to become an International Champion while representing Pakistan in boxing, just goes a long way to show and ensure that this is not the last of Khan that we’re seeing. And that if there are a few handful of people bent upon putting Pakistan on the map for all the right reasons, Amir Khan is definitely one of them! YASSSS KING.


Do you dare to challenge Amir Khan?

Given Amir’s strong connection to his roots, the folks at Sting wanted to connect him to the people of Pakistan. So through the Sting Challenge, you can challenge Amir Khan to do different tasks that would help him prepare for his upcoming fight.

So head on over here and challenge Amir. MangoBaaz challenges Amir to see how many push ups he can do in one minute.

This post has been sponsored by Sting Energy

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