Here's What Your Weekly Horoscope Predicts About This Week | 28th January – 3rd February 2019

By Nai Dulhan | 28 Jan, 2019

your weekly horoscope is here


Hello folks, we’re back with your kismet ka haal for the week between 28th January till 3rd February 2019. So let’s dive into the good stuff.




Dear Aries, do you know what you should do on Monday and Tuesday? Nothing at all! Okay, no. Not nothing, but as little as possible. You have a chance and time to day dream and think about everything and nothing. So go right ahead, and do that. At work, you should probably ask for extra time to get your shit sorted and done.

Take a nap and just relax because on Wednesday and Thursday, you’re back to the grind and back at it. Both these days are exciting and happening so gear up. Friday and Saturday will again bring back the mundane and boring routine, but not for long. On Sunday, everything seems to be going at the speed of light – and this includes your love life as well.




You know you’re lucky, because you have the best friends in the whole wide world and they’re always ready to help you out. If there is something that is bothering you on Monday and Tuesday, there will be plenty of opportunities to get the record straight. Pro tip: Sometimes it is good to open up and let all the stress and sadness out of your system.

On Wednesday and Thursday you will be too busy to give two hoots about anything, even if that means having deep conversations with your loved ones. But on Friday and Saturday, you will find yourself making some calls and setting up plans to meet up your friends again. As far as your love life is concerned, all seems to be going well. Be prepared to be flattered on Sunday.




We understand that there are some very pressing questions you have about your career and they just won’t leave your mind. But you know what you can do? Not stress, because stress will lead you no where! Rather than stressing, focus your energies on being creative and enjoy the journey. Everything else will then seem to fall into place. It always does, doesn’t it?

Wednesday and Thursday you should probably seek advice from close friends and maybe even a work buddy. On Friday and Saturday you need to bounce back and show them bitches who’s the boss. Sunday is not a good day for getting too much work done, but it is a good day for meeting people.




On Monday and Tuesday, your mind will wander to the silliest and funniest places. And you know what crab? Sometimes you damn well need that kind of distraction in order to be productive. Moreover, these daydreams help to expedite the healing process as well. As for your ability to connect with others, you’re doing very well.

On Wednesday and Thursday, although you are feeling pretty social, it is better that you do your own thing and keep yourself a little distant. Friday and Saturday will bring good news in the family and you will be in a great mood all weekend long. Be careful of being too extroverted though.




Leo people, your intuitive skills are at pro level at the start of this week, and so are your listening skills. When these skills are combined together, they will get you out of any situation possible. As you get yourself prepped up to make an important decision this week, turn to your dost and yaar to shed light on all the aspects you might have ignored.

You know what the good thing about you is? That you enjoy learning something new every now and then – even if is something about yourself. Friday and Saturday will bring a lot of attention your way due to something that you thought wasn’t even a big deal – rest assured, you will be beaming with happiness all weekend.




Dear Virgo, we urge you to be kind, always, because you never know what the other person is going through. If you have the urge to criticize someone on Monday or Tuesday, please stop right there and think ke yaar shaid agla banda waqai he parishaan ho. Know what we mean? We’ve all been there!

Wednesday and Thursday will find you in a great mood, but things are different at the back end due to the strained relations with you coworkers which might lead you to burst out by day end. Oh dear! Avoid that will ya? You don’t want to ruin your weekend mood and plans. Friday and Saturday, you and a certain someone are more loving towards each other than usual. Dinner on Saturday night is going to be the best part of your week while Sunday looks pretty great too.




Wow, even though you are handling a million things at one time, you still have time, energy and mental presence to keep an eye on the world around you. When you lay your eyes on something beautiful, you tend to show it to everyone else too. Nowadays, you’re a treat to be around, and for this very reason, by the mid of the week, a certain someone is going to be all over you.

It might not even be something romantic, but the power to lead the person is in your hands at the moment, especially on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are going to go ah-may-zhinggg, no matter what happens. And you know why? Because of your positive attitude. On Sunday, your energy will reach sky high.




Monday and Tuesday seem to be absolutely delightful and dreamy – especially the dream part. You might experience a moment where you will just wish something and it’ll come true right in front of your eyes. Wowzers yaar!

In terms of your love life, things have never been better. It almost seems like a dream but it’s really your reality at the moment. Wednesday and Thursday might bring forth a reality check, and while it might not be bad news entirely, but you will have to come out of your bubble. Friday and Saturday are not going to be as rosy as the previous days, especially in terms of you love life. Don’t worry though, khuch birgah nahi hai as such. But deal with your issues now before they get bigger. On Sunday, take a chill pill.




Monday will bring some stories in the lime light, which will make you reminisce about your own emotionally charged history. Look at you, just look at how far you’ve made it! The kind of challenges that you face currently are nothing as compared to what you faced back in the day. You’ve concurred it all. Bravo!

Wednesday and Thursday are full of energy and nothing will come between you and what you have to bring on the table. Friday and Saturday will bring forward demands that are very much in your control. All you need to do is to communicate effectively, and all will be good. On Sunday, there is going to be a lot of talk, and very little action.




There are a million and one ways to open up and express yourself. So, on Monday and Tuesday, look for something creative to express yourself in the best possible manner. Your originality will draw a certain someone special towards you and you two will connect like never before. Moreover, it will flatter them. Ayeen hyeen, go ahead, we know you can do it.

Wednesday and Thursday won’t help you much in solving your career or family problems with creativity. But on Friday and Saturday, you can be as creative and innovative as you want – even in your romantic relationships. On Saturday, you need to look for some kick ass entertainment to have fun. Sunday should be about having deep, meaningful conversations.




All of a sudden, out of the blue, you seem to have become more patient and tolerant of other people’s opinions and values. Not that this is new to you, but it’s just that you are so used to looking at things from your lens that you forget about others – This is something you should ponder upon on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday will find you in new territories which seem abstract to you – Crazy ideas, compassion for living things and a discovery of the world around you will bewilder you greatly into Thursday. Friday and Saturday are thankfully slower and centered around family and friends, while Sunday is going to bring forth some romantic moments.




On Monday, you need a treat, from you to yourself. One part of deciding what you want to get is to get it, and see if you like it. So before getting yourself into a pickle, might as well do some research? On Tuesday you will start working on a new project that might transform your ideas and opinions completely.

Wednesday and Thursday are more abstract as things are not entirely clear. A nice, home-cooked meal on Friday will set you back to the ground and ready to tackle the weekend. Saturday will be about sleeping in till late and listening to the soothing sounds of the morning while enjoying some well deserved romance. Sunday is also lazy and slow. Enjoy!


Toh kya kehta hai apka kismet ka haal? Let us know in the comments below.



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